150 dollar labor charge for a recall issue to be fixed – Chevrolet Aveo

Now here is something that the internet searches did not turn up. There has been a recall for the Chevrolet Aveo is regard to the timing chain. Some people call this the timing belt and others call it by a more technical term which I forget now. This is what we will be paying the $150 labor charge for. Now keep in mind according to the dealership we have done nothing wrong to cause a problem with this part. There has been a recall for certain Chevrolet Aveos. Our VIN number must match for that batch effected by this recall. Again no notice was given to us by GM. Keep in mind our extended warranty is close to expiring as well. So some of the work needing done wouldn’t be covered after that point. The timing belt recall should still be covered though. What bothers me is that even though this issue wasn’t caused by us we have to pay the labor cost to resolve the problem. General Motors will pay for the part. But we have to pay for the labor to have it installed. Why is this? I understand that the dealership has cost in regards to this. Shouldn’t GM be paying those cost? The problem was either caused by the workmanship in the South Korean Daewoo factory contracted by GM to build the Aveo. Or the problem is do to either the South Korean or American parts ( only 5% American ) used to build the vehicle. So shouldn’t General Motors be required by law to have to incur any and all cost related to resolving the matter? Why should my household have to pay $150 labor charge to have a $100 part put in to resolve a recall issue? Yes I’m aware that labor charges are dictated by a chart and are standard no matter how long the actual installation takes. In this case however I don’t feel those labor charges should come out of my or anyone else’s pocket except GM.

I must say that for the first time ever Cheryl has had a pleasant experience with a Friendly Chevrolet service representative. In the past neither one of us have had good experiences with them. Granted we did not buy the car from this dealership. We bought both the Metro and the Aveo from Miles Chevrolet in Decatur, IL. Where my Uncle David Harper worked for many years. Many of his co-workers were present at his benefit and his wake. Unfortunately he passed away October 7, 2006.

Now I’m more than aware that Friendly would prefer not to have to maintenance vehicles bought from a competing dealership. And in the past I have in fact been willing to drive the car over to Decatur to be serviced. However with an issue we experienced with the Metro I went back and forth to both dealers until we finally got a solution to the problem. Either way I don’t feel a recall item should have a customer having to pay for labor cost. This is fraudulent to me. If a recall notice states the problem will be fixed for free by a dealership representing that auto manufacturer. Then the end cost to the consumer should in fact be free. It shouldn’t be that only the cost of parts are covered but labor is charged to the customer.

Keep in mind for months now I have been telling Cheryl that something wasn’t right with the car. Even she will admit this. She is bad about not following maintenance guidelines. This doesn’t make her much different than many other people. I’m more than aware that for many people it is a challenge just to make the car and insurance payments. Let alone having to make sure basic preventive care is done. Most times of the year our household has had the money to pay for the needed services. Yet even though Cheryl is an accountant sometimes keep household finances in check is not her strong suit. It always seems I’m the one having to make sure bills get paid etc. I have always been on her to make sure the oil gets changed and other basic care is done. However she rarely listens to me in this regard. Always falling back on the it’s my car I’ll do what I want with it. Then only when stuck with a $500 repair bill and no car will she admit that my mindset is correct. The sad thing is this won’t change her behavior any.

Granted a good portion of the $500 plus bill we will see would have had to been spent previously. So the outlay of funds would have taken place at some point. This is just catching up on preventive care and issues needing resolved. Most people don’t realize that neglecting these things can in fact void your warranty under certain circumstances. Yet this is the same attitude you see people take in regards to caring for their computer. Basic preventive care and protections aren’t taken. A car and PC are very similar in the fact that you must do occasional maintenance to keep both performing as they should. Unfortunately most people ignore this fact with both of these high ticket items.

In many online forums at least one other problem we have encounter with the Aveo has been reported. Many people have problems in certain weather conditions with the clock keeping proper time. From our experience and others in very hot or cold weather the dashboard clock will in fact reset itself. We had our clock replaced after taking it in on multiple occasions for this problem. Yet the issue still is there even with the new clock.

2 thoughts on “150 dollar labor charge for a recall issue to be fixed – Chevrolet Aveo”

  1. I know it’s a long winded story, but go to the middle of it. Your situation sounds vaguely familiar.

  2. 2005 Chevy Aveo Owner

    Here what we did – Aveo was Stuck in park. Took Aveo to Dealership for repair. $130.00 Later plus free total car inspection all they did was clean it up. Said we’re good to go. Next Day – stuck in park, Aveo taken back to Dealership. Paid $38.00 later for replaced Shift Interlock Solenoid – labor free. We’re good to go. Next Day – Stuck in park again. But wait theres more – The brakes lights are not working. Damn it ! Now for research on the net – Turns out to be a faulty Brake light switch, Just unplug the switch and plug it back in.
    Fantastic – Brake lights works and Aveo stops sticking in park. Both areas are intertwined. Just Great. Time to go buy another part – Brake light switch. Also a nice communication complaint to the B.A.R.

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