150 dollar labor charge for a recall issue to be fixed – Chevrolet Aveo

Some people would say you get what you pay for. I’d say that even if we had the money to buy the Toyota Prius we wanted. We still would have ran into recall issues. That model has had several recalls. Also keep in mind that we would have had to pay about $10,000 more to make that purchase and get the same type of warranty. Along with the type of features we would have wanted from the Toyota model. In many forums everyone was touting how reliable the Toyota brand is. I’d agree with that to a point. However it is hard to overlook that recently that company has had their fair share of recall notices.

For the type of car the Chevrolet Aveo is it is a decent vehicle. This isn’t a luxury vehicle by any means. The interior isn’t fancy but it is comfortable. Our Aveo has been to Lake Tahoe and back. It has also made two trips out to Seattle and back. The car gets good gas mileage and can fit a good amount of luggage in it. Ask anyone who has seen me pack our car for a trip. Just the other night with the seats down we got our new ( actually refurbished – new to us ) lawnmower into the Aveo with the seats down. This was fully assembled unit by the way. Not just the box with parts.

Considering that we purchased a 2004 model that I think was the first year the Aveo was sold in the United States. We have had a low number of problems. So we haven’t really been the beta testers for this model vehicle. This car is not an American made product. GM is always big on their American branding in commercials. Yet the Chevy Aveo is made in South Korea with 95% of the parts coming from that country. Many of the television sets and clothes you wear come from this part of the world as well. Trying to find a truly American made product is getting harder by the day.

My household doesn’t seem to be the only one experiencing car problems this week. It must be in the air or something. At least one other Central Illinois online writer is experiencing a rash of car problems. Hopefully the problems my household has seen with this will all be resolved by tonight. The service representative apologized up and down yesterday. He had promised the car would be ready last night. But the dealership had to order a part for the shifter that was stuck. Keep in mind he promised Cheryl it would be done tonight for sure. Now I’m not sure how we can feel his word is solid because he had made that promise once already. Not that we had expected to get the car back last night. Just would have been nice to be able to. Also I’m not being extremely critical of the employee. Do to the fact that this was expected by us and this is the first time we have a pleasant service department experience with Friendly Chevrolet. What Cheryl was told was that the shifter malfunctioned. No kidding? Is that the technical term for what happened? I think we were aware that something wasn’t right and that it had malfunctioned. Could I get a bit more details on what might have caused the shifter to go funky monkey?

Even though everyone hates new laws being forced upon business. I think this is the only thing that in many cases keeps these establishments honest. I don’t think charging $150 for labor cost on a recall item is a good way to keep a customer. Especially a customer who probably isn’t to happy to have to be bringing their vehicle to you in the first place. A recall is do to a defect in parts or workmanship. This is not the customers fault. So that customer shouldn’t have to in any way shape or form suffer economic consequences for an issue they didn’t create. If the law currently doesn’t offer protections against this then it should in my opinion.

One last comment for this very long article. For those who may not agree with some of what I’ve said above. Let me clarify things. I can’t stand when someone knows what it’s like to have little or to have to work for things. Yet when they finally get a leg up in life they refuse to take care of the things it was a struggle to get. I don’t care who is paying the bill or what right they feel they have to be lazy and not take care of things. I especially won’t put up with that if this type of person is in my life. End story – I don’t care what others have to say about that attitude. As an adult you have responsibilities that shouldn’t be neglected. I’d never say I act anywhere near my age most days. But I do however try my best to meet my obligations in life and take care of what hasn’t exactly been easy to come by.

With several other searches I can still find nothing online about a timing chain recall for the Chevrolet Aveo. I’m of course not going to argue if GM says a recall is in place. Or if they wish to replace the part for free. I just don’t feel we should have to pay the $150 labor charge.

2 thoughts on “150 dollar labor charge for a recall issue to be fixed – Chevrolet Aveo”

  1. I know it’s a long winded story, but go to the middle of it. Your situation sounds vaguely familiar.

  2. 2005 Chevy Aveo Owner

    Here what we did – Aveo was Stuck in park. Took Aveo to Dealership for repair. $130.00 Later plus free total car inspection all they did was clean it up. Said we’re good to go. Next Day – stuck in park, Aveo taken back to Dealership. Paid $38.00 later for replaced Shift Interlock Solenoid – labor free. We’re good to go. Next Day – Stuck in park again. But wait theres more – The brakes lights are not working. Damn it ! Now for research on the net – Turns out to be a faulty Brake light switch, Just unplug the switch and plug it back in.
    Fantastic – Brake lights works and Aveo stops sticking in park. Both areas are intertwined. Just Great. Time to go buy another part – Brake light switch. Also a nice communication complaint to the B.A.R.

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