150 dollar labor charge for a recall issue to be fixed – Chevrolet Aveo

“The main problem is covered under warranty (so 100.00 deductible there), 25 plus tax oil change, our VIN # did not need the seatbelt, timing chain 150.00, and housekeeping items that needed done (you can say I told you so) transmission fluid flush and cleaned 125.00 and serpentine belt 80 total number 485.00 plus tax so over 500 in the end. They have to order parts for the shift problem.”

This article was orginally started on March 13, 2007.

Update 1:45 PM

The big promise of done today didn’t work out. Of course the part didn’t come in this morning. So they can’t very well fix the problem without the part. This always happens with parts orders for dealerships. I’ve never seen a rush part order actually come in on time.  So we may have our car back by tomorrow some time.

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2 thoughts on “150 dollar labor charge for a recall issue to be fixed – Chevrolet Aveo”

  1. I know it’s a long winded story, but go to the middle of it. Your situation sounds vaguely familiar.

  2. 2005 Chevy Aveo Owner

    Here what we did – Aveo was Stuck in park. Took Aveo to Dealership for repair. $130.00 Later plus free total car inspection all they did was clean it up. Said we’re good to go. Next Day – stuck in park, Aveo taken back to Dealership. Paid $38.00 later for replaced Shift Interlock Solenoid – labor free. We’re good to go. Next Day – Stuck in park again. But wait theres more – The brakes lights are not working. Damn it ! Now for research on the net – Turns out to be a faulty Brake light switch, Just unplug the switch and plug it back in.
    Fantastic – Brake lights works and Aveo stops sticking in park. Both areas are intertwined. Just Great. Time to go buy another part – Brake light switch. Also a nice communication complaint to the B.A.R.

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