Applied Milky Spore last week

Long time readers will know that for the past couple of years we have used Milky Spore to deal with our Japanese Beetle Grubs. The grubs develop in the ground until about the first part of June. This is when the grubs turn into Japanese Beetles. These beetles feed on plants and trees causing large amounts of destruction.

This year the application duties went to my girlfriend Cheryl. Even though Milky Spore is supposed to be completely safe for humans and pets it seems to have an affect on me – even when using proper protection. So this year I did my best to reduce my exposure to the product.

Milky Spore product packaging is contradictory. On the box and in literature it promotes safety to humans, pets and other animals. But when you read the application instructions there are a ton of warnings. You are instructed to wear proper dust mask, waterproof gloves, goggles, long sleeve shirt and pants. Harmful if inhaled is a warning. Yet all over the box and literature it claims to be completely safe.

“The spore count must build up for 2 to 3 years to be very effective and during this time you should not use an insecticide against the grubs that are needed to complete the bacterium cycle.”

Our landlord has had trees sprayed each year with insecticide. Not sure if this will reduce the effectiveness of our Milky Spore application. Most information on packaging and online states 3 years as the minimum amount of time before proper build up has been achieved. I think we have one more fall and another full season to reach 3 year mark.

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