Norbeck Overlook Black Hills National Forest

Norbeck Overlook Black Hills National Forest

Here is the entrance to Norbeck Overlook Black Hills National Forest. I’ve posted a few pictures leading up to this site and the view of Mount Rushmore you will see from this overlook area. I don’t know the family walking towards the entrance. If you make a left turn past the sign you will enter the parking lot. On the right side you will see that the road curves. There is a monument that is placed right in front of this curve in the road. If you take that road around you might very well find a stubborn mule and it’s friends. You will also find a convenience store if my memory is functioning properly. Then you can work your way towards Custer State Park.

To see the previous pictures and to learn more about this area please use the links provided below.

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A view of Mount Rushmore from afar

One tunnel on the way to Norbeck Overlook

Getting ready to leave Mount Rushmore 2006

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