Watch your head in the Black Hills

No I’m not saying that there are Indians there that are still seeking revenge for how they have been treated in the past. Although I had a very interesting conversation with a tribe member in a hotel parking lot in Rapid City, South Dakota last year on the way to Gnomedex 6.0 in Seattle. He would tell you that many of his people aren’t in the reconciliation mood. Let us change the subject to this object of nature. This is where Cheryl hit here head hard. After being warned to watch her head she bumped her head right on the top of the rock as I was taking a picture. This is me exploring things after that moment. Luckily I was very careful and didn’t knock my noggin. If your very careful and explore this area you will find some breathtaking views of the surrounding forest. I can’t honestly remember if this was before or after The Norbeck Overlook. I’m thinking it was before. Maybe after the tunnel. I need to go check my DVD to see if I can find the other tunnel we went into on this road.

Norbeck Overlook Black Hills National Forest – photo – Iggy Uncensored

Yes they do allow whales at Mount Rushmore.

Iggy at Mount Rushmore 2006 – Iggy Uncensored – The World’s Largest Maps Store!

Rand McNally National Parks Pocket Guide
Rand McNally National Parks Pocket Guide

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