Mighty Leaf Wild Blackberries Loose Tea Flavored Black

Mighty Leaf Wild Blackberries from my most recent order. I recently purchased a 4 oz. bag of this blend. The first batch I made came out fairly decent. I’ve tested out several different brew methods. I fill several T-Sac Loose Tea Filter Bags with whichever loose leaf tea I’m wanting to brew. Then I start boiling water in our Breville SK500XL Ikon Cordless 1.7-Liter Stainless-Steel Electric Kettle. I used to let the water get to a full boil. Lately I’ve stopped the process a bit before that. Supposedly different types of tea prefer different brew temperatures. Since I have no way of knowing the temperature I just stop the boil process early. Breville does make a model specifically designed for tea brewing. I don’t think it was available when we purchased the SK500XL. The Breville tea model is slightly more expensive than the model we own.

175F for Green Tea; 185F for White Tea; 195F for Oolong Tea and 212F for boiling and black tea.

After boiling water the tea bags go into our 1 gallon yellow ceramic tea crock. Normally no matter which type of tea I’m brewing I’ll allow the bags to brew for 15 minutes. Mighty Leaf packaging and website aren’t really helpful with instructions on best methods to brew a gallon of loose leaf. So it’s been a trial and error process for me. Supposedly you should use different amounts of brew time depending on which tea type you are using.

For the most part I’m still having problems getting the wonderful smells you breath in when opening a bag of Mighty Leaf to come through in the brew. I’d venture a guess it is my lack of brewing knowledge causing this reduced flavor. This time around I got close with the wild blackberries.

Mighty Leaf Tea Free Shipping on Orders $50+. Plus, free samples with every order!

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Mighty Leaf Tea Free Shipping on Orders $50+. Plus, free samples with every order!

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Ordered another bag of this tea with our latest order.

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What teas did I just purchase from Mighty Leaf

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Update 10:30 AM

I was originally mistaken. I had in fact purchased a bag of Mighty Leaf Wild Blackberries previously. Looking at an older article just reminded me of that fact.

Mighty Leaf Island Breeze tea refill package