Lawn after rain before mowing

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This video was taken today. It shows what the lawn looks like after rain before being mowed. I’m still not sure the video captures the thickness of the grass. The grass was mowed 4 days ago. You can see that before being cut the lawn is fairly weed free. You would expect that after a rain if weeds were present this would be the best time to see them. Weeds tend to show themselves after a good soak.

You can see a few bare spots where heavy thatch has killed off the grass. I’ve done my best to rectify this situation. It would help if I was mowing more than once a week. Weather conditions really haven’t allowed for a twice a week schedule. The lawn on the side of the house looks much better than it did earlier this year. Hopefully that can be improved upon and will hold through the Summer months.

Keep in mind all fertilizers and weed control products used on this lawn are natural based. I think the video shows the lawn quality is equal to and in some cases superior to the lawns that surround it.

A few of the spots you see on the side portion of the lawn are caused by spot treating weeds with vinegar. For weeds that germinate before corn gluten application I use vinegar to kill them. Like many traditional weed killers vinegar takes out the grass also.

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What a natural lawn looks like

Applied Milky Spore last week

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The 2nd video linked below will show what the lawn looked like 4 days ago after being mowed.

What a natural lawn looks like Videos

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