Mighty Leaf Mango Green Tea Decaf

Mighty Leaf Mango Green Tea Decaf

Made my first gallon of Mighty Leaf Mango Green Tea Decaf on Monday. My new brewing methods are helping to achieve a better flavor profile for all the different Mighty Leaf blends I’ve order recently. In the past I’ve ordered Mighty Leaf Calypso Mango several times. I think this is the first time we’ve ordered the Mango Green Tea. There is definitely a flavor difference between the two. So I don’t think this is the same blend repackaged.

Honestly I can’t recall any Mighty Leaf blend I wouldn’t reorder. I have always felt any lack of flavor after brewing was do to my methods. I’m thinking for the most part I have solved that issue. Purchasing tea in bulk saves money. Four 4 oz. bags last us a couple of months normally. Although I’ve been going through a gallon in a day & half this week. So the 4 bags might not go as far this time. Normally we have other drink products in the house. This week has just been tea.

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