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Ok lets play follow the leader, the sheep, the lamb and the in crowd. Well just because something is getting tons of buzz doesn’t mean right off hand it’s pure crap. Is this idea really revolutionary? Not really. But everyone is doing it and it’s safer than jumping off a bridge like other people do. So lets all try to be cool like all the cool kids. Yes it sounds like some new kinky sex craze or something a sick animal might do. The question everyone is asking here lately is – Do you Twitter? Oh sure we all do – it’s the in thing to do. Keep in mind this service is slow as all get out. Their setup must not be able to handle all the traffic buzz. So don’t expect a stellar experience at this point.

Twitter – Iggy

Try out a bit of 2.0 hype with your Twitter.




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Twitter, Help!

Oh come on you know you all want to do it. Join in the fun or whatever you choose to call the experience. Ok yes in reality it’s just another site to pimp yourself and your ego. Promote yourself until your blue in the face. Yes there are many examples of sites that are very similar in concept. But the buzz is here the buzz is now – you gotta join or you’ll never have your chance at the A-list.

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Are we sure this isn’t a name of some new disease? Either way my Twitter is like real life. I’m wondering where all my true friends are and where they have all gone. None of the popular people have had mercy upon me and shown me some geek love. So I’m left alone Twittering to myself. Oh well someone has to try and fight the good fight and keep the world honest now and then. Guess no one loves a BS buster anymore.

Twitter it – just a little bit – as it grooves!!

Now all of this has gone way to far. The damn which town is the Simpson’s Springfield debate has now hit Twitter. As this Twitter wannabe Homer knows it’s Springfield, IL and no other!!

Twitter – homersimpson

Anyone else not get Twitter?

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Update April 07, 2007

I saw that Twitter was down earlier today but didn’t make a big deal of it here. As I stated above the company has some things to work out infrastructure wise. Being popular can have it’s down side.

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As of 8PM Central Time Twitter seems to be Twittering just fine once again.

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