American Pickers Memorial Day 2011

American Pickers Memorial Day 2011

This photo was taken on Monday May 30, 2011 ( Memorial Day ). Normally our American Pickers visits take place on Sundays. We spent Memorial Day Weekend at the Isle of Capri Bettendorf. Since it was a 3 day holiday we didn’t check out until Monday. I didn’t expect the shop to be open. When we pulled in it was obvious Antique Archaeology was open for business. This was the first time visiting when the store was in operation.

Since it was rather warm and I wasn’t feeling well I took a few quick pictures then sat in the car. Cheryl did go into the store and purchased a couple of Antique Archaeology t-shirts. Neither of the 3 famous people involved with the American Pickers show could be found that day. There were 2 employees who haven’t been given television fame working the counter. Supposedly the store will be starting Sunday hours.

The zoomed in picture isn’t exactly as focused as I’d like. But you get a general idea of what was sitting outside the shop that day. It looks like the King Edward Cigar sign is still waiting for a buyer. I posted a photo and article on that item March 15, 2011. The Brix Cleaners letters are still hanging around. Those have been seen in a few of my previous pictures. The space ship amusement ride car ( I’d assume ) may have been in at least one of my older photos. I’m going to take a second look on that.

The Volkswagen Type 2 Light Truck featured on the show and pictured on my site was sitting out front. You can see the passenger side mirror in the photo above.

American Pickers

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