Good example of how traditional media doesn’t get it

Here is great example of how a good majority of traditional media handle things. Of course they could never make a mistake. They are the chosen ones. Granted many people online A-list and below have this type of attitude on a daily basis as well. However this article shows exactly how traditional media doesn't get it. They still think they are above everyone but still want to mimic those they trash. It's rather sad that a Wall Street Journal reporter would act in this manner. What is even more sad is obviously he is clueless that internet media is realtime live and direct. Our deadline is now when we want it. Not when some editor tells us to do things like sheep in the woods. Just when I think I'm the worst some days with basic etiquette. I can always seem to find someone who is way worse. The most unfortunate part about this is no one will reprimand Walt Mossberg for this behavior.

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