Should you be WiFi paranoid

Many on the internet seem to make fun of those who have concerns in regards to the safety of wireless technology. Granted some of these people can take things to extremes. But can we really state for sure that there will be no long term health effects all in the name of convenience? Many things that were demeaned safe – such as asbestos and using xrays to determine your shoe size. We now know years later that neither of these things are as safe as we first thought. With asbestos related health problems topping as one of our larger health concerns. Are we really arrogant enough to believe that we are so much smarter than our ancestors? Why is our technology considered infallible? Are we really sure that 20 or 30 years down the road that more advanced technology won't show our current findings to be wrong? There are many cases where government agencies have told people something was safe only to find out years later that wasn't true. So are the I'm frightened of the microwave and wireless technology people actually smarter than us? Or are they just the paranoid delusional people that will never leave their house for fear of the what ifs.

I just have a hard time with the blanket statement that we know a somewhat new technology is safe. Only over a long period of time will we truly be able to tell that. In some cases though illnesses may be contributed to a multitude of other factors. So we may never in fact know that wireless technology was the source of the problem. Many of us have many wireless devices in our homes. I have a wireless router with high gain antennas sitting just a few feet away from me on the top of my computer. Many people use cell phones or other devices such as laptops that connect to the internet using some type of wireless technology. Years from now will we find that the price of convenience was to high? The industry has nothing to gain by telling us their products are unsafe. Government agencies are aware of the economic impact mass recalls can have. Am I coming up with conspiracy theories here? I don't think so. I'm just trying to present multiple points of view so that an honest discussion can be had.

I would find it rather interesting to find out the difference between the effects of a wireless signal versus the health concerns with the WiFi blocking paint. My feeling is the wireless signal blocking paint would create a more immediate health concern than the wireless technology itself. The military has had some success at using wireless technology to control the behavior of people and crowds. So again I would ask – are the concerns of the everyday person all that far out there? Although I think that weaponry may have used a heat source more than some type of wireless technology.  From my quick reading it seems that the US military have two different weapons. One that uses a heat source and another that uses radio waves.

Just last night I was having a conversation with someone on this. While I was troubleshooting a four home wireless network I had setup late last year.

In the article that got me to started on all this. Quick note I was going to do this article sooner or later any way. Do to the conversation I had last night.

In this case it seems like everyone is making fun of a woman who has an actual allergic reaction when she comes in contact with electromagnetic field (emf). So this isn't just some crazy woman who decided she was scared of wireless technology and it's health effects. It looks as if she has more than a valid reason for painting the family home with WiFi blocking paint.

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