Green Thoughts Garden Hand Crafted Herbal Soaps

Green Thoughts Garden Old State Capitol Farmers Market June 2011

Even though the weather looked threatening we took a trip to the Old State Capitol Farmers Market this weekend. During our Saturday market adventure we stopped at the Green Thoughts Garden tent to purchase more soap and skin balms. We ended up buying 5 bars of soap and a 1oz. bottle of the Lemon Eucalyptus Blend Herbal Body Oil. The body oil is the liquid version of Lemon Eucalyptus Herbal Skin Balm. So far I think I’m liking the oil a bit better. It seems to absorb slightly better than the balm.

Amy is behind the counter above. She is always friendly and informative about the products she sells. I wasn’t feeling well Saturday and the weather had me wanting to get home. So the conversation has very short.

I’ve made several purchases from Green Thoughts Garden online. The customer service is just as good as when buying in person at the farmers market. Shipping is fast and if you have any questions emails are replied to quickly.

For many years I’ve made slight changes to lead a more natural lifestyle. Changes to the soaps, lotions and other bath products we use is a small part of that.

I’m not very happy with how my pictures of this weekends farmers market turned out. I was in a hurry and didn’t take the time to make a few settings changes. The quality of the photos is proof of that.

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Green Thoughts Garden herbal soaps with Comfrey Comfort herbal balm

Greenthoughts Garden Old State Capitol Farmers Market

Herbal Soaps Hand Crafted By Greenthoughts Garden

Greenthoughts Garden Herbal Skin Balms

Greenthoughts Garden Herbal Bath and Body Oils

Herbal Laundry Soap Greenthoughts Garden

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