Scovill Creek Farm Grass Fed Beef Old State Capitol Farmers Market

During our weekend visit to the Old State Capitol Farmers Market we purchased 2 packages of ground beef from Scovill Creek Farm. The meat products are on site for purchase. I’d assume a refrigeration unit is inside the trailer pictured above. At some markets you have to place the order first then take delivery at a later date.

The gentleman working the Scovill Creek Farm tent ( whose name I never got ) started up a conversation about my Deadwood Bicycle t-shirt. I explained that the shirt referenced a bicycle shop that was no longer in operation. The shop was located inside the C B & Q Engine House Deadwood South Dakota. Unfortunately all my photos and articles related to that location are offline at this time.

This same person had an informative and educating discussion about different cuts of meat with myself and Cheryl. Cheryl’s father years ago was a butcher. During the conversation the quality of meat cuts was detailed. It was mentioned how lower quality cuts can provide a pleasurable eating experience when cooked properly.

I’m definitely not happy with how my photos turned out that day.

Zillion’s Chili Seasoning Mix

Zillion’s Chili Bowl Chili Mild Seasoning Mix No Beans

3003 C B & Q locomotive Hudson Class S-4 Burlington Iowa

Burlington Route 13593 Caboose revisited

Burlington Route 13593 Caboose Amtrak Station Princeton Illinois

Chicago Burlington and Quincy engine 3006 Galesburg Railroad Museum

Great Northern Railway Caboose Seattle Post-Intelligencer parking lot

Here are some locations just down the road from Deadwood South Dakota.

Spearfish Falls Bridge

Mountain Streams Little Spearfish Creek

Spearfish Canyon Floor Nature Hiking Trail

Spearfish Falls from the bottom of the canyon

Mikey for President at Mount Rushmore

Smart car Keystone South Dakota

Inside Cruizzers Keystone South Dakota

Abraham Lincoln at the entrance to President’s Park Black Hills South Dakota

Iggy at the Bumpin Buffalo Bar and Grill Hill City South Dakota

Deadwood Bicycles previously inside C B & Q Engine House

Deadwood Bicycles the Work Station

Deadwood puts engine house on auction block

Historic Deadwood engine house goes up for sale July 8

CB&Q Historic Engine House at the Mickelson Trail Head – Deadwood Bicycles

Deadwood Central tourist line, South Dakota

CB&Q Engine House Museum Deadwood South Dakota

CB&Q Engine House Museum Flickr

Scovill Creek Farm Grass Fed Beef History