Dyson DC17 Animal or a Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum

Those questions are. Is the Dyson really worth the money or does it just have a very good marketing campaign? I’m leaning towards a bit of both. Again this also depends on who you listen to and how much value you give those opinions. I’ve seen a mix of Dyson is the greatest thing to ever hit the planet. To the Dyson is the most horrible monster I’ve ever seen. Some people have stated that the automatic carpet pile adjustment doesn’t work properly on the DC 14 unit. Others have stated that the Dyson has so much suction power that it damages carpet. Yet others have reported not having any of these negative problems. It does seem that with each new Dyson model the company takes customer feedback into account. Just looking at the progression of product design shows that to be the case. I’ve seen some people claim the Dyson is extremely heavy. One person online even claimed the Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum was lighter than the Dyson. I hadn’t seen either product hands on until we went washer and dryer shopping last night. I’ll tell you this much. I’m not sure who that person worked for. But I can tell you the Dyson is lighter than the Bissell by a good margin. If I still had stairs in my home I would want the Dyson over the Bissell hands down.

When we were comparing prices and looking at washers and dryers yesterday. I also ventured to looking at vacuums in Lowe’s and Sears. Sears rejected me as an affiliate a few years back. And I have no way to appeal this or apply again. Lowe’s as far as I can see doesn’t have an affiliate program – boo hiss. At Lowe’s this is where I looked at and lifted several Dyson units and the Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum. When we got to Sears we weren’t impressed with how they had their washer and dryer area setup. But ventured down to check out the Dyson’s they had on display. Not really wanting to get talked up by a sales person. That last part failed. A very nice very pregnant young lady came over and started chatting with us. We discussed the Dyson at length. She is who ended up telling me the Dyson was made in Malaysia. At Lowe’s I didn’t feel like turning the Dyson upside down to find this information. On the back of the Bissell vacuum it clearly stated it was manufactured in China. With the Sears sales person I tried to get her to give me her opinion on the Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum. What little she said wasn’t to positive. Then again if she works on commission and she clearly has a baby on the way. What would you want to sell someone? A $500 vacuum or a $250 model? I think we all know where the higher commission was at. I didn’t have the heart to tell her we would be buying our choice online.

For me almost all our purchases get made online. Although I can see where with some items that it is a good thing to go feel and touch them. There are some things you just can’t see online. That said if I found a washer and dryer unit I liked online at a price I was willing to pay. I would in fact make the purchase with confidence even without first feeling, touching and exploring the unit. This is exactly how I feel in regards to a vacuum purchase. We made the Hoover Tempo choice previously based on what we could afford at the time and features. The purchased was made completely online. I don’t think we used instore pickup that time. I think the Hoover may have been out of stock instore at the time. I could be wrong on that.

So in the end what will my choice be? Bissell or Dyson? The Dyson has less moving parts and doesn’t use belt drive. This is one less thing to replace. Dyson states their filter is a lifetime filter that just needs cleaned. I have a feeling in homes with animals this is less of the case. You will need to replace that lifetime filter probably every six months. Even if you clean it every other time you vacuum. The Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum has a similar filter which the company states you should replace every six months. So in my opinion I’m calling the two competing units equal in that department. This brings up the worry of should I stock up on filters? Because I think the vacuum industry is a lot like printer manufacturers. The filters are a profit maker. These companies also know that if you no longer can find filters for your vacuum you will have to buy a newer model. Call me paranoid if you like. I’ve just seen this occur. It’s just like trying to find a Socket 370 motherboard now. You can find them from time to time but it’s very limited and expensive. Making it better to retire your old hardware. Technology always moves forward and newer models come out. It really isn’t in the economic interest of manufacturers to allow you to have a working product 20 years from now. This is just the honest facts. If they take away the filters. You then have to pay for a newer vacuum model. Because a vacuum doesn’t do a complete job at this time without the filters.

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  1. One benefit to a bagged vacuum cleaner is that they often don’t need a separate filter. My Kirby uses a Hepa filter bag. Works! The thing is heavy and kinda ungainly (and extremely expensive), but it works really well, and it’s self-propelled so it’s nice to use. It’s the only vacuum cleaner on the market with an effective height-adjustment system. This is important because it results in airflow through your carpet. You can turn it on, lift up part of the cleaning head, and see that it literally pulls the carpet up with it. This means that it’s pulling air THROUGH your carpet. That’s the only way to effectively clean carpet, isn’t it?

    Plus it has consistently been rated as the most reliable vacuum cleaner made. I’ve had the same one for about ten years now, and I’m pretty sure it still outperforms most new vacuum cleaners. $1200. Money well spent? In my opinion, definitely.

  2. We have two dogs and a cat. I’ve got a two year old Dyson DC17. Bought it at Sears for around $350.00 on sale. Saw them there today for close to that same number. The filter still looks brand new, no need to buy a lot of extras. Would recommend one extra for washing/drying time. This thing works like a dream. Skip the Bissell anti up the few extra dollars. Quality DOES cost a little more. In this case, it’s well worth it. Before this one, we used to burn through a vacuum every couple of years. This one’s going to last a long time. Not a flattering comment for most products, but this thing REALLY SUCKS…!!!

  3. So Iggy, what did you decide to do? Dyson or Bissell?

    (PS – I have two very long haired cats. I can relate. I have a strong bond with my vacuum cleaner!)

  4. We’ve had a Dyson now for some time. Even had a Dyson representative contact me in regards to a cord issue I encountered. It’s great to suck up toilet paper made from recycled paper.

    Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute cord damage

    Dyson versus refrigerator

    Our Dyson was never broke but thank you

    Sucking up Seventh Generation bathroom tissue into a Dyson DC17 Animal is not good

    Other than the cord issue the Dyson has been solid. I’ve not had any purchase regret. The purchase price is steep though. Still haven’t gotten the cord fixed do to no local Dyson approved repair shop in our area. The closest one is about an hour to hour and half away. Just looked – next month we will have our Dyson vacuum for 2 years.

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