Dyson DC17 Animal or a Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum

Bag vacuums are out. Even though plenty of people still swear by them. I’ve always hated bag vacuums. They should all be recycled into something more useful to the world. The Dyson doesn’t empty the way other bagless vacuums do. It has a bottom trap door. So that should in theory be a little less mess when emptying the waste receptacle. I’m not sure how the Bissell unit handles this.

My only concern is buyers remorse. This is a big purchase. One that will be with us for a bit. We don’t have the money to go out and try another model if this one doesn’t meet our needs. Returning items is an experience best left to people you hate in life. Very rarely does this go smooth. Except at Walmart. My gut says go for the Dyson give it a shot. But my head is wondering how much of this is just pure marketing hype? Will I really get the Ferrari of vacuums? Or would the Corvette of vacuums give just as good of an experience at 50% less cost?

The question I brought up to the sales lady at Sears was this. How can Bissell make a $250 unit that does exactly what the $500 unit does without making compromises? She said they can’t. My first thought when thinking about this was where are the units manufactured. Normally products can be produced in Asia at a lower cost. Both companies are producing their products in this region. Dyson originally years ago had been produced in England. So where the product is manufactured doesn’t seem to be the answer. Does Dyson really just mark their product price up that much do to name brand appeal? We all know that no matter how much it shouldn’t be the case. Name brand still has very big appeal. Marketing can sometimes cloud reality and our better judgment.

I have a feeling the only way I will ever truly find out is to spend the money and find out for myself. Keep in mind in our home this kind of money isn’t taken lightly. So this isn’t just some off the cuff purchase. I’ve tried my best to do a ton of reading. Almost 3 hours of it yesterday. To the point where Cheryl got upset and wanted to go washer and dryer comparing before everything that was open on Sunday closed.

In the end I think I’ll be making a Dyson purchase. Unless someone can point me to some truly unbiased reviews or comments that change my mind. Consumer Reports doesn’t fully count. I’ve seen some products get bad reviews from them that in fact are truly great. Although I do not discount their reviews. They have value.

The fewer moving parts the fewer chances of something breaking down. No belt to burn up when something gets stuck. No hassle of having to stretch the belt over the beater brush when you have to replace it. No messy bags to replace. And the less filters to have to make sure aren’t clogged the better in my opinion. This is the dream of most people who clean their home with a vacuum. Is there actually a product on the market now that meets the dream?

Come to think of it though. For the money a Dyson cost. Shouldn’t it be more environmentally friendly? This should be a battery powered vacuum. Then again that would probably add some serious weight and cost. Since rechargeable batteries have yet to come down in price for big items.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is an ex Kirby vacuum salesman. He was one their best supposedly years ago. Yet I never seen him using a Kirby on the show. It looks as if he uses a bag based vacuum. It definitely isn’t a Dyson.

As always I’ll provide plenty of links for readers here to review. So that you can make up your own minds on the subject. I often link to opinions I don’t even agree with. So that those who read here can see several points of view to make up their own mind. Again focus on what is being said though. Sometimes what is being said in forums and in reviews is more magic than reality.

A few quick last notes. I like the design of the Bissell Healthy Home vacuum. Although it is a bit heavier than any vacuum I’ve used in the past. Not as heavy as an old Kirby but heading that way. One thing I thought was clever with the Bissell is the clear hose. If for some reason something does get clogged. You will be able to see what it is and where it is. The Dyson has an odd way of getting to the detachable hose. One complaint has been that you have to take the power cord off to use the hose. But wouldn’t you already have done this to turn the vacuum on? The Dyson site has a video that shows you how to go about this procedure. In the video two hands are used. Not until the Sears sales lady showed us how it’s done did we fully get it. She only used one hand.

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Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal went in for repairs

Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute cord damage

Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute versus Hoover Tempo

Dyson versus refrigerator

Our Dyson was never broke but thank you

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  1. One benefit to a bagged vacuum cleaner is that they often don’t need a separate filter. My Kirby uses a Hepa filter bag. Works! The thing is heavy and kinda ungainly (and extremely expensive), but it works really well, and it’s self-propelled so it’s nice to use. It’s the only vacuum cleaner on the market with an effective height-adjustment system. This is important because it results in airflow through your carpet. You can turn it on, lift up part of the cleaning head, and see that it literally pulls the carpet up with it. This means that it’s pulling air THROUGH your carpet. That’s the only way to effectively clean carpet, isn’t it?

    Plus it has consistently been rated as the most reliable vacuum cleaner made. I’ve had the same one for about ten years now, and I’m pretty sure it still outperforms most new vacuum cleaners. $1200. Money well spent? In my opinion, definitely.

  2. We have two dogs and a cat. I’ve got a two year old Dyson DC17. Bought it at Sears for around $350.00 on sale. Saw them there today for close to that same number. The filter still looks brand new, no need to buy a lot of extras. Would recommend one extra for washing/drying time. This thing works like a dream. Skip the Bissell anti up the few extra dollars. Quality DOES cost a little more. In this case, it’s well worth it. Before this one, we used to burn through a vacuum every couple of years. This one’s going to last a long time. Not a flattering comment for most products, but this thing REALLY SUCKS…!!!

  3. So Iggy, what did you decide to do? Dyson or Bissell?

    (PS – I have two very long haired cats. I can relate. I have a strong bond with my vacuum cleaner!)

  4. We’ve had a Dyson now for some time. Even had a Dyson representative contact me in regards to a cord issue I encountered. It’s great to suck up toilet paper made from recycled paper.

    Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute cord damage

    Dyson versus refrigerator

    Our Dyson was never broke but thank you

    Sucking up Seventh Generation bathroom tissue into a Dyson DC17 Animal is not good

    Other than the cord issue the Dyson has been solid. I’ve not had any purchase regret. The purchase price is steep though. Still haven’t gotten the cord fixed do to no local Dyson approved repair shop in our area. The closest one is about an hour to hour and half away. Just looked – next month we will have our Dyson vacuum for 2 years.

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