Dyson DC17 Animal or a Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum

Years ago I sort of made fun of someone at Sam’s Club who was buying a Dyson. Yet in the same breath I also stated that it must be nice to have the money to spend $500 on just a vacuum cleaner. Although my household really doesn’t have money to blow by any means. We are now considering spending that much on a vacuum. Yes I would like a high definition television set and new furniture. But I would also like a home that is cleaner than what I currently feel it is. Our Hoover bagless Tempo still works. Although good luck finding any filters that will fit the filter cage. Hoover has redesigned their bagless model to where the new filters don’t fit the older style. There are some filters that you can use. These however don’t fit as they should and aren’t anywhere near the quality of the original filter. Yes I’ve checked the Hoover site and several vacuum retailers here locally. So why not just go buy a newer vacuum but not pay an extreme premium for one?

That is a good question. One reason is I’m a cat owner. When we got the Hoover new it did a decent job of handling things. Yet there is at least one other filter that gets clogged and needs replaced almost every other time you vacuum. This is yet another filter that seems to be impossible to find. Consumers shouldn’t have to play guessing games as to which filter will work within their vacuum. However any time you enter a store that sells vacuum accessories you see this is exactly what occurs with most people. Lets not even mention the fact that in many cases after a few years the proper filters for your model may no longer be available. If your a pet owner and need to replace these items regularly this becomes frustrating. So purchasing a vacuum that has less filters and reduced moving parts is something most people would consider if the price was right.

For the average consumer the price currently isn’t right. I’d say that paying a $100 for a vacuum is a strain for many households. This is around what we paid for the Hoover we are now replacing. Actually maybe a little under the hundred dollar mark. The Hoover no matter how times I’ve cleaned it seems to spit out just as much dust and dirt as it collects. This Hoover Tempo has plenty of suction most of the time. But is suction really the key? Isn’t airflow and how the particles move within the vacuum more important? And what good does it do to vacuum if tons of dust is escaping out the side vents right back onto the supposedly clean carpet? With the Hoover Tempo this is what we are seeing happen now. No matter how many times I’ve cleaned it and taken a can of compressed air to it.

I was reading Seth Godin’s website a few weeks ago and came across a write up on the Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum. It mentioned how this was the Dyson alternative from Bissell at about half the retail price. As far as I’m aware there has been no lawsuit in regards to this Bissell product. Dyson previously sued Hoover UK for patent infringement and won. I don’t think Bissell and Dyson have an agreement on technology use. So this leads me to believe that Bissell is using some other method that doesn’t infringe upon any Dyson patents. Both vacuums are manufactured in different countries. The Dyson is produced in Malaysia. The Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum is produced in China. Same part of the world but separate countries.

I’ve had several questions in regards to the Dyson over the years. These are the same things many other people have asked. As with most things the answers depend on who you talk to. Keep in mind online it is always hard to tell honest reviews. You never know if the positive review is a company marketing person hired to pump up sales through positive reviews and online forum interaction. On the other side of the coin. You can never truly know if the negative review is a person from the competition bad mouthing the competitor to boost sales for a competing product. Both of these things happen more than consumers realize. It’s already hard enough for many of us to process all the data we need to so that we make an informed purchase choice. This is made even harder when we have to question the validity of the feedback being given. For the record it doesn’t matter which website or forum you use. I have seen this occur in many places.

Also for the record – yes I would like to sell you a vacuum. I’ll included several affiliate links here for you to make your choice. The fact is I need to pay the rent just like you. However this won’t stop me from being honest in my thoughts or my reviews. I’ll tell you right now I’m a Bissell affiliate. But I’m leaning towards making a Dyson purchase. Although many of my questions mentioned above have yet to be fully answered.

Hoover canister vacuum cleaners combine superior cleaning ability with excellent mobility and maneuverability.

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  1. One benefit to a bagged vacuum cleaner is that they often don’t need a separate filter. My Kirby uses a Hepa filter bag. Works! The thing is heavy and kinda ungainly (and extremely expensive), but it works really well, and it’s self-propelled so it’s nice to use. It’s the only vacuum cleaner on the market with an effective height-adjustment system. This is important because it results in airflow through your carpet. You can turn it on, lift up part of the cleaning head, and see that it literally pulls the carpet up with it. This means that it’s pulling air THROUGH your carpet. That’s the only way to effectively clean carpet, isn’t it?

    Plus it has consistently been rated as the most reliable vacuum cleaner made. I’ve had the same one for about ten years now, and I’m pretty sure it still outperforms most new vacuum cleaners. $1200. Money well spent? In my opinion, definitely.

  2. We have two dogs and a cat. I’ve got a two year old Dyson DC17. Bought it at Sears for around $350.00 on sale. Saw them there today for close to that same number. The filter still looks brand new, no need to buy a lot of extras. Would recommend one extra for washing/drying time. This thing works like a dream. Skip the Bissell anti up the few extra dollars. Quality DOES cost a little more. In this case, it’s well worth it. Before this one, we used to burn through a vacuum every couple of years. This one’s going to last a long time. Not a flattering comment for most products, but this thing REALLY SUCKS…!!!

  3. So Iggy, what did you decide to do? Dyson or Bissell?

    (PS – I have two very long haired cats. I can relate. I have a strong bond with my vacuum cleaner!)

  4. We’ve had a Dyson now for some time. Even had a Dyson representative contact me in regards to a cord issue I encountered. It’s great to suck up toilet paper made from recycled paper.

    Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute cord damage

    Dyson versus refrigerator

    Our Dyson was never broke but thank you

    Sucking up Seventh Generation bathroom tissue into a Dyson DC17 Animal is not good

    Other than the cord issue the Dyson has been solid. I’ve not had any purchase regret. The purchase price is steep though. Still haven’t gotten the cord fixed do to no local Dyson approved repair shop in our area. The closest one is about an hour to hour and half away. Just looked – next month we will have our Dyson vacuum for 2 years.

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