Sam’s Best Brands Plus got our business

They may not just focus on appliances. But Sam’s Best Brands got our business anyway. The hours of operation was the reason we hadn’t made it into their store yet. As far as I’ve been able to tell from using search engines they don’t have an internet presence. Our receipt doesn’t have a web address listed. This in my opinion is a big mistake in this day and age. Yet this store still got the sale and is where we just purchased our new washer and dryer. What made the difference? The experience. When we first walked in we weren’t jumped on. The salesperson came up a bit later and asked if we needed anything. I gave the standard of thank you we were just looking and we would let him know if we had any questions. I’ve always tried to be polite about how I say this. I prefer to be free to look without a shadow following me. If I have questions I’ll ask them. This salesperson was polite and let us know to let him know if we need anything. Then he was gone. No lingering around.

Keep in mind our decision on what we wanted had been pretty much made tonight. The only question was if we would go back and try to deal with Dick Van Dyke again. I vetoed that idea. The plan had been to get into Sam’s Best Brands before closing any way. So a trip to the competition would have come later if at all. Our choice of washer was the Fisher Paykel GWL15 Ecosmart. What we decided to go with for the dryer was the Fisher Paykel DEGX2 SMARTLOAD. The only question when we entered the store tonight was if we would be making our purchase there. Sam’s Best Brands carries Fisher Paykel appliances. This of course kept them in the running for our money. Now what would matter most is the price and warranty options.

The only warranty offered upfront was the two year option that is standard for this brand of washer and dryer. This is the same offer available at Lowe’s. However the total price before tax and extras was about $8 cheaper than the Lowe’s price. We are now back to the warranty options and setup cost. That means it is time to find the salesperson we first talked to. At this time another sales associate asked if we needed help. I immediately said we were looking for the person we had first spoken to. Why? Because I wanted to make sure the first person got credit for the sale. They had been the one to approach us. I’m still not fully sure that person was attending to another customer. Either way in the end we dealt with salesperson number two.

My first question was in regards to setup cost. Which were explained to us. We asked if any extra cost would be incurred for having the installer shut off our gas and cap the line. Then the topic of an extended warranty came up. I was wanting to know how much more money we would have to put out for extra years of coverage. In the end we skipped the extended warranty. Although we did get a 10 year warranty on the motor.  Why no extended warranty? A leap of faith I guess. The Fisher Paykel’s are designed differently. They have less moving parts than your conventional top load or front load washer. In theory this should mean less chance of a component breaking down.

Keep in mind that online reviews have been mixed. Some of these reviews are in regards to older Fisher Paykel units. As I’ve said in the past when reading online comments in regards to products you have to be very careful. Companies have in the past employed people to seed positive reviews on sites. On the other side we have seen competitors seed bad reviews to hurt sales of the competition. It needs to be kept in mind that reviews may not always be fully unbiased. The comments I read of course varied as they would with any product.

Some people stated the Fisher  Paykel machines were the greatest. Others said they had trouble with their machines. A few commenter’s stated they felt these washers didn’t fully clean their clothes. You have varying degrees of debate on if the 1,000 RPM spin cycle sounds like a loud jet engine or a little less intense. The overall consensus is that these washers are actually a bit quieter than most conventional models. A super fast spin cycle is supposedly one of the main benefits of this model. This should allow for more water to be eliminated from the clothes. Which in turn should make for faster drying times. Keep in mind that the Fisher Paykel is designed to use less water than your standard washer. So the combination of a faster spin cycle and less water should lead to faster drying times. So in theory you should save money on utilities by using less water and electricity to dry your clothes.

Our salesperson Dean Hulcher stated that his family owned Fisher Paykel units. He told us he has owned his for over 5 years and had no problems with his machines. Now keep in mind you never know what someone in sales might tell you to get you to make a purchase. I try to be cautious when dealing with anyone in sales. I’m sure I’ve made more than my fair share of goofs though. I have no reason to doubt this person was being truthful. One of the first tings Dean did was to show us the durability of the plastic material the unit is made out of. Lowe’s has a picture of 3 Fisher Paykel  employees sitting on the lid. Many people are turned off by the plastic lid. As I stated at the time. The plastic doesn’t concern me. Many things are made out of commercial grade plastics now. Including car components. And which makes more sense? Metals and water or plastic and water? Which would be easier to clean? Metal can scratch just as easily as plastic. So they are equal there in my opinion. Either way Dean sat down on the top of the machine to show it can in fact handle weight being applied to it. Ever since seeing the picture and now the live demonstration. I’ve tried to figure out what you would place on a washer that had that much weight and why? My thought is the same into why would you even try to apply that much pressure as well. Yes I’m aware that this is just to prove that the plastic will hold up. The only thing I can come up with is this also shows that if something heavy drops on it by accident. This machine will be able to handle it. People who have kids also want to know the unit is kid durable.

Will the plastic win any design awards. Probably not. Yet these units aren’t ugly. Maybe a little plain for some peoples taste. Color wasn’t really high on our list of importance factors. Looks are nice but so is a machine that performs the task it is designed to do. This would be a question asked by many. Will a supposedly eco friendlier machine actually perform as well a standard model? Many times with energy saving devices you have to make compromises. This was one of my major concerns when first looking at these washers and dryers. Would they get the job done. From what I’ve read online and from Dean’s supposed personal experience. I think the machines can in fact get the job accomplished.

This doesn’t mean I saw nothing but positive reviews online. I saw at least one report that these models had been redesigned do to motherboards getting wet do to a leaky gasket seal. This has since be resolved supposedly. When I mention this to Dean he thought that was odd do to the current location of the motherboard. Honestly I wasn’t fully clear as to what I had read. Which was that a redesign had taken place. This also may have been one of the older models. At least one person complained of higher repair cost for these units. While almost ever other review stated exactly the opposite. From the numbers we given at Sam’s Best Brands. I think it is safe to say that repair cost wouldn’t be outrageous. Then again with less parts to break down. You should in fact not run into a repair situation to begin with.

Since we had our minds made up on what we wanted and the price was right. After much chatter back and forth we decided to make our purchase. The overall experience was pleasant. Yes Victoria from Sears the other night was pleasant. Sorry no vacuum sale I’m buying that online. Yes Sylvia Whitehouse at Lowe’s was nice and not pushy. I can’t say the same about her male colleague the next night. But there were little deal breakers that just weren’t going to get worked out. We all know the Dick Van Dyke  salesperson didn’t cut it. For some reason the experience at Sam’s Best Brands just seemed more relaxed. The conversation was about business but didn’t have that forced feel to it. Is this is a sign of a genuine person or just a well trained salesperson? Maybe some of both. However one should always be cautious. It’s these relaxed times where you may get a nice hustle pulled on you. I don’t think that was the case here.

In the end we got what we wanted within our revised budget. Originally we wanted to only spend a $1,000 or less. You can get a traditional top load washer and front load dryer for well within that price range. Cheryl was set on a front loader washer. But price and other factors dropped that out of the running. In the end we met in the middle for about $500 more than the original budget.

We will soon own an energy efficient washer and dryer. That should reduce our energy bill and usage a little. If the delivery and install process goes smooth I think I will be a happy customer. Hopefully these Fisher Paykel’s perform well and to our satisfaction. We were told by our salesperson what many said online. Reading the manual resolves many reported problems being talked about online. My gut at this point says I should be happy with our recent purchase. We will definitely put that to the test over the course of the next few months.

I should have mentioned the debate on what can handle a king size comforter. Dick Van Dyke Peggy stated a 3.5 cu.ft washer could get the job done. So did a sticker on a unit at Lowe’s. Although Sylvia from Lowe’s said you would want a larger capacity washer to get the king size comforter truly clean. Dean from Sam’s Best Brands opinion was that a front loader was the best to handle the job. See how hard it is to make decisions? Who do you trust and how do you know who is right without spending hours doing research online and off? I have a feeling in many cases buyers regret is very alive and well.

As long as our purchase performs well and the install process goes smooth. I think I’ll be more than happy with our purchase and choice of where we bought the Fisher Paykel machines. Hopefully nothing occurs to change my opinion on that.

At this point I would be very comfortable in recommending that you definitely put Sam’s Best Brands on your short list of retailers. If they treat you the way they did us. I think you will be a happy customer as well.

Fisher Paykel GWL15 Ecosmart

North Americas Most Energy Efficient Top Load Washer uses only 24% of the energy of a traditional washer. Complete the laundry in up to half the time of a frontloader, 1000rpm spin saves up to 30% time and energy in the dryer. This Super Capacity washer with unique brushless DC motor and smart electronics increases reliability with no belts, brakes, pulleys, clutches or gearboxes – parts that aren’t there can’t fail.

Full 2-year parts and labor warranty


SmartLoad- The world’s first large capacity top loading dryer. The convenience of top access, automatic lint removal using a superfine filter and removable lint bucket, combined with reverse tumbling, high airflow and autosensing, makes SmartLoad the ultimate clothes dryer.

A sophisticated, innovative design with unmatched access has created the ultimate laundry system. An automatic lint scraper and super capacity lint collecting bucket assure optimal performance. The increased airflow provides cooler temperatures with fast drying times, keeping your precious clothes in pristine condition for longer. Matched with the latest Ecosmart or revolutionary Intuitive Eco washer, it redefines the entire laundry process.

Large capacity dryers with electronic sensors for clothes dryness monitoring, cool down tumbling helping to prevent wrinkling, interior light and the option to change the door opening from left to right. With the combination of products you’ll cut your overall washing and drying time by up to 30%.

Full 2-year parts and labor warranty

Our total cost

Fisher Paykel GWL15 Ecosmart washer $599.95

Fisher Paykel DEGX2 SMARTLOAD dryer $769.95

DUP Dryer Power Cord $14.95

Setup & delivery $39.95

Sales tax $107.33

Total $1,532.13

Fisher Paykel GWL15 25″ Top-Load EcoSmart Washer with 3.7 Cu. Ft. Capacity, 6 Automatic Cycles & 5 Manual Water Levels

Fisher Paykel DEGX2 27″ Top-Load Electric Dryer with 6.2 Cu.Ft. Capacity, 5 Cycles, Self-Cleaning Lint Filter & Reverse Tumbling

Can your washer do this a Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer can

What does a Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer sound like

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