Our new Fisher Paykel washer and dryer

Here is our new our new Fisher Paykel washer and dryer. The washer just got done with its second load. That load was smaller than the first but became unbalanced. The great thing about Fisher Paykel washers is they will try to fix the unbalance. If the problem doesn’t get fixed the machine will shut down. You will then hear a series of beeps that will alert you that something needs looked at. Depending on the type of beeps and what lights are lit on the washer console. This will help you to determine what the issue is and the course of action you need to take to resolve it. The dryer is taking a little longer because I have it on the denim cycle. So at this point the washer was done before the dryer. Everyone talks about how this washer and dryer sounds like a jet engine. I will be uploading audio of the washing process in a separate article when I get the WAV files converted to MP3. I’m also going to do a write up of my experience with the installers today.

Everyone has stated that the 1000 RPM spin cycle is what helps to get your clothes dryer. That and the fact that this washing machine is designed to use less water. To me the clothes didn’t seem super dry right after the washing process. But they do seem to be a lot less wet than what our old Amana washer would have produced. I do think the Fisher Paykel machine will help reduce drying time in the end. Just as I was writing this the dryer gave off its beep to let me know that things were done. So on the denim cycle the dryer finished just a little bit after the washer had finished up. I’m now doing a mix of denim and other clothes on the regular drying cycle to see if there is any difference in the drying quality / time of the denim.

The third load of laundry is now being washed. Maybe it is just that new purchase feeling. But to me it does seem as if these units are getting things done faster than the 14 year old Amana units we just got rid of. If not for Cheryl’s parents we wouldn’t have had those. We got at least 5 or 6 years of use from them I think. The units had only been serviced twice since we had owned them.

As the picture above shows. There is one very unique thing about the dryer we purchased. We could have bought a traditional front load dryer. The Fisher Paykel front load dryer is supposedly made with GE ( General Electric ) parts. This isn’t the case with the Fisher Paykel top load dryer. From the picture above you can see we chose the top load unit. Fisher Paykel DEGX2 SMARTLOAD SmartLoad The world’s first large capacity top loading dryer. You can’t imagine how much easier this makes doing laundry. Our units aren’t right up next to each other. But they are side by side. There is enough room between them to put a very large plastic laundry detergent container. What makes life easier is you can just unload your clothes from the washer directly to the dryer with less bending down. Yes you can always pay $100 to $200 on top of your machine purchase and get the pedestals to raise the washer and dryer off the ground. With the Fisher Paykel units I personally don’t think this extra expense is really needed. Actually I don’t think pedestals would work with these machines to begin with.

Fisher Paykel GWL15 Ecosmart

North Americas Most Energy Efficient Top Load Washer uses only 24% of the energy of a traditional washer. Complete the laundry in up to half the time of a frontloader, 1000rpm spin saves up to 30% time and energy in the dryer. This Super Capacity washer with unique brushless DC motor and smart electronics increases reliability with no belts, brakes, pulleys, clutches or gearboxes – parts that aren’t there can’t fail.

Full 2-year parts and labor warranty


SmartLoad- The world’s first large capacity top loading dryer. The convenience of top access, automatic lint removal using a superfine filter and removable lint bucket, combined with reverse tumbling, high airflow and autosensing, makes SmartLoad the ultimate clothes dryer.

A sophisticated, innovative design with unmatched access has created the ultimate laundry system. An automatic lint scraper and super capacity lint collecting bucket assure optimal performance. The increased airflow provides cooler temperatures with fast drying times, keeping your precious clothes in pristine condition for longer. Matched with the latest Ecosmart or revolutionary Intuitive Eco washer, it redefines the entire laundry process.

Large capacity dryers with electronic sensors for clothes dryness monitoring, cool down tumbling helping to prevent wrinkling, interior light and the option to change the door opening from left to right. With the combination of products you’ll cut your overall washing and drying time by up to 30%.

Full 2-year parts and labor warranty

Fisher Paykel GWL15 25″ Top-Load EcoSmart Washer with 3.7 Cu. Ft. Capacity, 6 Automatic Cycles & 5 Manual Water Levels

Fisher Paykel DEGX2 27″ Top-Load Electric Dryer with 6.2 Cu.Ft. Capacity, 5 Cycles, Self-Cleaning Lint Filter & Reverse Tumbling

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