Safer Brand Magic Start Grass Patch Northern

Recently I ordered 4 boxes of Safer Brand Magic Start Grass Patch Northern. I applied this grass patch to parts of our lawn that were needing refreshed. There are several spots where I still hadn’t fully gotten the weeds cleared out. I uprooted as much of the unwanted material and applied the Magic Start Grass Patch. There were a couple of areas where thatch had killed off grass. So I did the same process to those portions of the lawn. I got lucky when applying the product. We’ve had several rain storms so I haven’t had to water the repaired areas.

If I remember correctly I’ve not used this product in the past. Over the years I have had to repair several parts of our lawn. One time do to utility construction, another time do to burying of a cable television line and when some soil filler was added to fill a large dip in the lawn.

I’ve made several purchases online from Safer Brand. Every purchase has gone smoothly and shipping is quick. I do have one slight complaint about this recent order. As the date stamp shows on the box pictured above. The product use by date was almost expired. If I hadn’t planned on applying the grass patch as soon as I received it – I might not be getting a fully effective product. From the date stamp I’d assume this batch had been sitting in a warehouse for awhile.

I’ll try and do photos or video of the patched areas in a few weeks.

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