So you think online writers have no power

The debate on if online writers have any true relevance or power has been raging for years now. Ever since the famous well known word was uttered. Funny thing is the community that started the whole thing debated this way before traditional media. Although since day one what some might consider the real media have stated online writers are just a flash in the pan. Other people will tell you that what is written online doesn't influence anything. Or that one person can't influence what people think about your brand. Time and again we have seen where that is far from the truth. While my opinion may not in fact change any minds. It is easily found most days using any major search engine. In less than two days time I'm now ranked highly on Yahoo in regards to search terms for Sam's Best Brands and Dick Van Dyke Appliance World. If someone uses a major search engine to look for information on these companies. My opinion is in the running right there at the top to be read. In less than two days time I've accomplished this. So how anyone can say the online writer has no power or voice is beyond me. I've shown many times how in fact traditional ways of doing business just don't cut it anymore. I have also shown where online writers opinions will be heard. In many cases this conversation takes place in real time. To me this is an advantage over traditional media. It is also something that companies need to be fully aware of. Your brand name, company identity and image are always being discussed in real time online. If you don't think online word of mouth can hurt or improve your bottom line your sadly mistaken and have blinders on. You ( the people ) have the power to influence you just have to use it. If more people took advantage of this opportunity. Maybe we would see real effective change in the way companies do business. Maybe customer service would once again matter. Just maybe some of these corporations would learn every time you lose a sale or treat a customer poorly your taking a risk with your corporate image.

Does name brand really matter anymore – Iggy Uncensored

I've updated the articles below with links to the current Yahoo results. While this isn't the case currently with all major search engines or even with all keyword combinations. It does show how much can be accomplished in a very limited time. It helps when the search engines are spidering RSS feeds in real time as well.

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hydra mp3 blue screen – Yahoo! Search Results

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