What does a Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer sound like

I got tired of trying to combine all of the WAV files. The MP3 I made sounded horrible when I tried to use Audacity to combine the files. So I will offer a zip file for download that includes the various WAV files. This¬†will let you know what a Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer sounds like. One of the last files has both the washer and the Fisher Paykel DEGX2 dryer running together. Why am I doing this? Because everyone says the Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer sounds like a jet engine. Many people feel this noise is way to loud. Yes both the Fisher Paykel washer and dryer make noises that you won’t be used to. Although they aren’t all that different from what most people would consider a traditional washer and dryer. I personally don’t think the Fisher Paykel is any louder than the Amana appliances we just got rid off. In some cases I think the Fisher Paykel units are quieter at times. If I could fully shut our laundry room door ( can’t do to cats ). I think I might be able to barely hear the machines running if I had the television on.

To me it seems as if everyone is complaining at times. Yet no one wants to go the extra step and actually give you audio of what they are hearing. Keep in mind this audio was taken with my digital camera. The battery in my MP3 player is dead and I don’t have a replacement. Or I would have recorded in MP3 to begin with. When I recorded the Fisher Paykel machines I was right next to them. Only with the last WAV file had I walked away from them and shut the laundry room door. I did this to give everyone a perspective of what the washer and dryer would sound like with the door shut. Personally I don’t think these units emit anymore sound than a more conventional model. Yet with the Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer DEGX2 dryer your saving water, time and energy. But there is definitely some serious sound that comes from these machines. You also will hear a sound or two that you may not be used to. For me it was nothing alarming except for how the dryer winds down at the end of the drying process.

So instead of just talking about the sound. I give you the actual sounds of a Fisher Paykel GWL15 at the different stages of the washing process. Keep in mind I was right next to the unit when recording. So of course the sounds will be strong.

Update 5/3/2011

The long MP3 file below will let you hear what a Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer and DEGX2 dryer sound like. Unfortunately I had to move to a new player that does audio only. My new video player doesn’t do audio only.¬† I’m looking for a better audio solution for now this will have to do. Load times for the file now suffer with new player.

Update 2/14/2011

The audio file is now a .OGG HTML5 browsers will autoplay this content. I’d venture a guess non HTML5 browsers won’t be able to hear the audio. This is the price of progress. I’ll try to find a WordPress plugin option that offers a decent user interface that will allow me to get away from using the annoying autoplay function.

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4 thoughts on “What does a Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer sound like”

  1. Great information, thanks for making it available! I’d like to add my notes as a Fisher Paykel owner if I may.

    Something to keep in mind in regards to the noise: The Fisher Paykel spins out at 1,000 rpm. This is about twice as fast as a standard washer. This is an extremely good thing, because this fast spin takes most of the water out of your clothes. Result: clothes dry much faster, saving you time and money! Say your washer were 1 decibel louder, but got your clothes cleaner, had a more effective rinse, used MUCH less energy and water, was built better to last longer (smarter engineering), and spun enough water out of a full load of towels that this load will dry in about a half hour (compared to the old laundry set that used to take an hour to dry the same load)… the benefits go on, and I think they more than out-weigh the sound, which in my opinion is NOT bad, just different.

    Really, I think you’re right, people do complain too much sometimes! When the car was first invented, people complained about the noise they made as compared to horses. But which is a superior mode of transportation?

    Note – the spin speed can always be adjusted down if the noise is a real bother; medium spin speed is around 700 rpm, while slow spin is 300 rpm. Of course, you’d lose the benefit of the faster spin speed. To me, the sound of that spin is the sound of money!


  2. Glad the audio files helped. I honestly never thought the sound was all that different than a traditional washer. I’m not sure what the newer models sound like. From what I saw the other day if I had the money and someone to give our current units to. I would in fact upgrade to the latest version of Fisher Paykel washer and dryer. Of course this isn’t just because they look a bit cooler in my opinion. It seemed like some worthwhile features have been added. All I know is that it isn’t to often I’m 100% happy with an item I’ve purchased. In the case of our F & P I’m definitely still as happy using our units as I was when we bought them.

    To me the electric dryer took a bit of getting used to sound wise. Of course now I don’t even notice the difference. But at first I’d catch myself listening to the different sounds the dryer unit made.

  3. the washer is the best that I ever use
    It make my wash look new when it old.
    I like the 1000 rpm spin my wash damp when it is done.the dryer is
    Small but big on the inside I start the washer and the same time a
    The both get done at the same time .I love this set the best I ever
    Use. Thank fisher paykel

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