Corsair V64 Nova 64GB Solid State Drive SATA II

The Corsair V64 Nova 64GB Solid State Drive ( SSD ) is my new hard drive. I’ve wanted an SSD drive for a very long time. Do to budget restraints and the cost of these drives I had to wait. A week and half ago I finally got to make my purchase. I actually bought 2 drives – this Corsair for my main drive and a WD Caviar Green 2TB 64MB/SATA-3G for storage.

I was worried that the SSD learning curve would be a bit to much. Depending on where you read you’ll see a ton of different advice on how to run an SSD hard drive. There are suggestions of what should be turned off in your operating system. Suggestions on tweaking other software to run properly with an SSD. Honestly it’s all a bit overwhelming. I’d venture a guess there are still a few items I need to tweak.

Keep in mind that some of the advice you read should be paid attention to. Other advice is more debate and personal preference. When your average end user reads these discussions it can quickly become confusing as to what steps they should take.

Microsoft Windows 7 makes things a little less stressful. If your SSD drive is recognize as that type of hard drive certain services are automatically turned off or tweaked by the operating system. There are still a few services left on that some people advise you turn off. I’d venture a guess it’s safe to just leave the setup the way Windows 7 sets them. Users need to be aware that SSD drives have a limited number of read and writes. This is the reason for the various tweaks – to reduce excessive wear on the hard drive that could lead to an early hardware failure.

I chose Corsair after having a good experience with their products in the past. Honestly I didn’t take the time to do as much research as I should have before my purchase. Although the model above is older it seems my choice was a good one. Some of the newer faster read and write speed Corsair SSD’s seem to be experiencing problems. The company has issued a recall on at least one model and is taking care of customers who own these units.

Although the Corsair V64 Nova has slower read write speeds than newer models. The drive has been trouble free to this point. Reading within the Corsair Support Forum it looks like those with newer models aren’t so lucky. A lot less topics related to Nova SSD’s compared to the other units. I went with a 64GB drive for several reasons. One was price. This drive is being used as my main with the operating system and software installed on it. I don’t do a lot of gaming so my main drive doesn’t have large capacity requirements. I’m only using 18GB of the drive space currently with no games installed.

Installing this hard drive was fairly easy. One of the pictures above shows the 2.5″ to 3.5″ “adapter” bracket for installation inside a desktop computer. That was the most annoying part of the install. The small screws were a pain to get placed properly. Once the drive is mounted to the bracket it’s fairly easy to place it into your machine. Since I have a liquid cooled setup and would be installing another hard drive for storage the process was a bit more complicated. I had to drain the machine before removing the 2 previous hard drives.

Along with the Corsair V64 Nova I’m run a Western Digital WD20EARS Caviar Green Hard Drive 2TB 3.5 SATA-3G as my storage drive.

I paid $124.99 the current price for this model ( CSSD-V64GB2-BRKT ) is $218.99.

With no moving parts this reduces any heat signature. When your machine runs cooler this benefits all the components and should lead to a longer life expectancy for your hardware.

Although the Nova isn’t the latest and greatest SSD with mega speed – the drive definitely improves the user experience. I’ve always had fairly fast OS boot times. The Nova SSD takes that to a new level. Installing software, unzipping folders, encoding video content are just a few of the processes that benefit from this type of hard drive. It has definitely breathed new life into my older machine.

Towards article bottom – I included several links to SSD tweaks discussions. This would be a good read for anyone installing an SSD drive no matter which brand you decide to purchase.

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