Are some Insight customers about to become Comcast customers

Here we go again. What will happen with the agreement between Insight Communications and Comcast? I would think that Insight wouldn't want to lose a good number of customers. Many of us are aware that over the years there has been a lot of back and forth on this deal. Several Insight serviced areas became Comcast run territory last year. Those customers were based in Indiana if my memory is correct. Now it seems as if after years of questions and wondering how things would turn out. That Comcast will be taking over the rest of Insight Communications Illinois and Indiana customer base. As far as I am aware this would leave Insight with only it's customers in Kentucky. Insight for years has followed Comcast lead in most of it's operations. Every once in awhile Insight would actually do something on their own. Recently Insight Communications released it's phone service to communities in Central Illinois. This had been a much promised service for years now. I could point you to threads over 6 years old where I was told this was right around the corner. In 2005 the information was that all of Illinois would finally see Insight provided phone service. It took almost two more years until this became a reality. Even though Kentucky, Indiana and some Illinois communities have had the service for a number of years now.

Insight CEO Michael Willner of course can't be found in the Insight BroadbandReports forum giving any of his customers an update on what is going on. So currently anything being said is just speculation with some solid facts behind the news. This really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Many of us knew that sooner or later a deal was going to have to be worked out one way or the other. Either cash would have to change hands or customer territory would have to be divided up. At this time it looks like all of Central Illinois will be making the switch to Comcast. What short term or long term effects this will have is unknown at this time. How the move would effect current speed tiers is not known. Most likely current customers would be moved to Comcast speed tiers and pricing. For those of us who have fought for higher broadband speeds over the years. This could be a step back. Insight Communications finally came to terms with the fact that speeds would have to be increased. To the point where the speeds offered for the price are reasonable now. For the first time since I became a customer.

Now all of us may have to once again go through change. We have been down this road with the cable company before. For years in Springfield, IL the cable franchise changed hands frequently. It's been under Insight Communications control for a number of years now. If the customer switch does take place. Maybe the overall effect to the customer will be minimal. Insight's cable offerings are very similar to Comcast. Some or all of the technology Insight uses is Comcast relevant. So in the end maybe all this will be is just a name change more than a major shake up to the status quo.

You would think that this might stir up the government regulators a little. But I'm sure no one will get to up in arms about Comcast have a more than sizeable stranglehold on the broadband market in some areas.

For the record Insight CEO Michael Willner has been more active in the Insight Forum over the past 6 months. This type of communication was long overdue. Although some of the post have read a bit like a PR piece I do think he has made an honest effort to have an open dialog. To bad he has yet to lived up to his image in the Insight commercials. Yes we all know it's make believe.

The interesting thing is at Friday's the other night. Cheryl and I were talking to the bartenders about Comcast and Insight. Then I open up my internet browser and see that a deal may be in the works.

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