Broken Apple iPhone 3GS 8 GB found Sangamon County Relay for Life 2011

This Apple iPhone 3GS 8 GB was found at the 2011 Sangamon County Relay for Life. The phone was turned into the accounting room during the event which took place inside the Expo Building at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. I’m aware of where the device was found but won’t share that here.

I’m not sure how someone couldn’t realize they dropped their phone. You’d think this phone would have made a loud noise when the glass shattered. You wouldn’t think someone would just leave a broken phone where it fell. Maybe in a fit of rage they just stormed off and left the phone.

If you are the owner of this Apple iPhone 3GS or know who is – please contact the local Relay for Life office in Springfield. So the phone ends up with it’s proper owner give as many details as possible so ownership can be confirmed. Currently the phone is not operational. Not that I really expected the phone to boot after being seriously damaged. It would have helped identify the owner easier if the phone had functioned.

I have access to the AT&T SIM card. But since it is an unusual card I have no adapter to read it. In some ways this is good – because it protects privacy if your phone is stolen by someone without the proper reading tools or compatible phone. In this situation though it’s bad because it takes away an easy way to identify the rightful owner. I’ve got multiple flash card readers and a few Micro SD adapters. But I don’t have anything that would work with this AT&T card. Then again since it’s a 3G card maybe it can’t be read like a normal SIM.

First time I saw an Apple iPhone in person was in Seattle years ago when the original had just been released. These phones were all the hype and rage at that moment. The phones were in short supply. My girlfriend & I were sitting at a table inside WaterFront Seafood Grill Pier 70. Our host and one other guest both pull out their precious. It was classic. Both got passed around the table. I’m not a big Apple fan and was turned off by all the hype. At that moment I was more worried about dropping the expensive phone than giving it a long once over.

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