Why do people and technology have to be so annoying

All I wanted to do this yesterday morning was upload what I find to be an interesting – something different video to Undo.TV. What I got for wanting to do something different is nothing but hassle. Guess I should have just gone and upload the video to something like YouTube. At least the video would be live now and maybe some people would find it as interesting as I do. Granted it won't change the world. But I'd tend to bet a few people would get a laugh out of it. I guess Undo is only for those wanting to start a media empire. Because not only will my video not go live in real time. I just uploaded it again. I was locked out of my account earlier today. Even though I never logged out. I asked the site to send me my password multiple times. Why? Because the site kept telling me the username and password combination I have recorded for that site was no good. Is this what I get for sending a little feedback about how the site should include an easy to find FAQ that deals with the maximum file size for content?

And people wonder why many people are afraid, frustrated or just don't find technology fun. It's because those that design the user experience could give a rats backside about ease of use and functionality. Not to mention the fact that those that are “in charge” of shaping our experience normally could care less about the end users opinion. Which is exactly why the end user experience is almost always less than satisfying.

The one thing that made me smile yesterday I can't share with the world. Unless I want to use the typical better known sites to do it. So much for beta testing how the Undo.TV product will function on my site. Although I do have a few past examples of the product running here.

For the record I hate when a site states it will send me an email with my account information but that email never arrives. I tend to stop using sites that can't get this basic function correct. Then again most of these same sites never email your account information when you signup any way. I guess this should be the first clue of a clueless setup.

I give up!! Between Blogware with it's head up it's backside. Undo.TV not wanting to let me have my vidoe hosted there. I just want the damn code so I can post this video here. Is this to much to ask? Is the product that far in Alpha mode or is it that censored and allowed only when real human hands say it is ok? Busting out silly tunes about the Nintendo NES is ok? But not a video that proves what has been posted on the internet as an Easter Egg isn't? Hell I thought a consumer washer that plays music was pretty damn funny and interesting. Guess geeks have just gotten to full of themselves to know fun when it hits them upside their heads.

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