Can your washer do this a Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer can

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A true geeks washer. Not only will it save you energy and water. Not only will it wash your clothes faster than your current washer. It will play the national anthems of three countries as well. Can your washer do this? A Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer can! Yes you heard me right the Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer not only in my opinion is one of the best washers money can buy. With the tap of a few buttons you can also turn this washer into a jukebox of sorts. The music selection is limited of course.

I found another set of instructions on how to get the Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer to play the theme song to Beverly Hills Cop. Although the tune didn’t sound much like that song to me. The national anthems come closer to sounding like what they are supposed to. As far as I’m aware no one has offered video proof that this isn’t some internet spoof. I can confirm with video that you can in fact turn your Fisher Paykel washer into a jukebox. From what I’ve read the Fisher Paykel Intuitive washer model will do this as well. What I’ve seen so far states that the actual music may be different depending on your washer model. I’d love to say that I found all of this out on my own. That I had been some super geek and hacked the firmware that runs our Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. I’ll included the instructions on how to do this and give credit to those that got me started on this journey. Although I think I may be the first person to offer actual video proof of this on the internet.

I’ve had success getting both sets of instructions to work and the Fisher Paykel GWL15 does play music.

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3 responses on “Can your washer do this a Fisher Paykel GWL15 washer can

  1. My fisher paykel dishwasher ds605 plays music.
    I accidentally discovered this while pushing buttons
    in frustration. Plays National Anthem of U.S. and
    several classical songs. Quite annoying when it
    will not drain water or run a cycle.

  2. Our dishwasher is doing the same thing. We were trying to reset it and accidently must have pushed the right buttons to turn the music on… It will not stop playing songs and it will not start the cycle. If you can help please let me know.

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