What is RSS how do I use it and why should I use it

There are many people who would look down on people for asking how to use RSS. Many of these same people would make fun of you for not knowing what all the jumbled crap is when you click on an RSS link using a browser that doesn’t support RSS. Even when people don’t see the mess that looks like HTML that isn’t working properly. Many still don’t know what RSS is or why they should use it. You have a lot of internet users who don’t even realize that they may be using RSS on a daily basis. Podcasting is an example of this. Really Simple Syndication ( RSS ) is a technology you should take the time to learn about. For a long time RSS was the uber geeks secret. These same geeks laughed at people behind their backs or even wrote nasty things online about people who didn’t understand it. I guess they feel it is more fun to make fun than to try and actually help someone learn. I’m someone who would rather share information and help someone solve a problem or learn than make fun of them for not understanding newer technology. So hopefully after you have a read of this article and use the provided links. Those of you who aren’t sure what RSS is will have a little better understanding of why you should be putting it to use.

To me it is sad when you see people talk about how everyone should adopt new technology. Yet they are unwilling to help others learn about the technology they are hyping so heavily. If you have the gift of understanding something. Shouldn’t you be willing to try and help others learn what you know? The newer technology can be the greatest thing. But it is useless if the masses can’t put it to use.

Even if your not going you should pay attention to this RSS feed

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The Iggy Uncensored RSS feed can be found by clicking the RSS icon in the top right corner.

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