Those that can afford to lead by example don’t

The problem is no one is putting pressure on the car manufacturers to produce vehicles that make us less reliant on oil as our fuel source. No one is applying enough pressure on politicians to take a stand on the subject. And I’d have to say that the politicians running for President in 2008 have only given lip service to the subject. Because I sure don’t think the G rides Illinois Senator Barack Obama was being chauffeured in where environmentally friendly. John Edwards was at least honest in saying that it was extremely hard to find somewhere to gas up with alternative fuel. Which of course is a problem for those trying to do the right thing. This leads us back to the convenience factor. If it is difficult and frustrating to try and do the environmentally correct thing. Consumers will not use the products that make less of an impact on the environment. People don’t want to be hassled. This is one reason the Toyota Prius has sold so well. There is minimal hassle in using the car. You can find a fuel source easily. Yet you will be using less of that fuel. Your also not being forced to sacrifice on standard features. The only problem is price. Not to mention the fact that oil companies aren’t going to like making less money do to less product being used. So if everyone started driving a hybrid vehicle today the gasoline price might still go up. Do to the fact of less product being purchased. This would lead to oil producers trying to recoup lost revenue by keeping prices inflated.

Automobile manufacturers have argued that they would produce environmentally friendly vehicles if there was a demand. I think that cost to produce these type of vehicles has also been a problem. These cost have come down somewhat making it more attractive to give eco-friendly cars a shot on the production line. What we have seen so far is mixed results on the consumer side. Many people have started to praise hybrids. I’m not sure the hybrid SUV’s are all that much better than their previous gas guzzling counterparts. But this makes the owners feel a little better about their purchase. And at least these people are speaking with their dollars and trying to support the cause. Unfortunately the vast majority of consumers have no problem purchasing fossil fuel burning vehicles. Some have no choice do to their economic situation. Others just want the horsepower, noise and supposed performance of a more traditional car. Although it has been shown that eco-friendly doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice in regards to performance. Many consumers just don’t feel this is the case.

Everyone wants cheap gasoline. Yet many of these same people will complain about how we are supposedly fighting a war do to the oil that makes that gasoline. In my opinion that fact is up for some debate. The point being to me it seems as if many people are being hypocritical. In many cases this all comes down to economics. Working class people can’t afford to go to work if the price of gasoline gets to high. Or these people will at least have to forgo other purchases. Many people cry buy American. Up until they see what some of those American products cost to purchase versus the product made in another country. All consumers want cheap gasoline but not at the cost of human lives. Most of the people that can afford to lead by example are unwilling to make any lifestyle changes. Even though things have started to get to a point where you no longer have to compromise when going eco-friendly. At what point will things get bad enough for people to even consider change? Is there even a point where a majority of people will say enough is enough? Or is the general population just going to keep blaming high prices on the government and the oil industry? Not to say these organizations along with your local gas station may not be factors. But how long can we put the blame on someone else before we finally wake up and decide maybe we need to start leading by example if possible? Are there just to many gearheads in the world? Is the human race really to stupid to make changes until the very last minute in which it may be to late?

Years ago when the major oil crisis took place. Jimmy Carter and his administration tried their best to make changes that would benefit us down the road. Much of this was later eradicated when the Republican administration took over. Something very similar took place after Bill Clinton left office. Is it really impossible to make money in this world and be eco-friendly to? How many times do we need to learn the same lesson before we finally understand that changes must take place?

I’m far from the living the proper eco-friendly life person or household. Although over the years we have tried to give more consideration to doing day to day things in a better way. When we purchased a new car trying to keep per gallon mileage conscience was a big factor in our decision. We decided we couldn’t afford a Toyota Prius. In the end we purchased the Chevrolet Aveo. Not a car you would see as being better for the environment. However this was a compromise purchase. Since we couldn’t purchase the Prius. Our goal was to get a larger vehicle than our Chevy Metro but not lose the gas mileage we had gotten with the smaller car. We ended up with a decent size four door that gets the same mileage or somewhat better than the Metro.

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