Those that can afford to lead by example don’t

Recently we also purchased a lawn mower. We had decided it would be an all electric model for several reasons. Less maintenance to do. And because this type of lawn mower doesn’t put out harmful emissions. Now some would argue if it takes longer to do the lawn with this model. Then you aren’t doing any good for the environment. Do to the fact that your power plant may be chugging out nasty non environment friendly gases. So far I think the mowing time is equal to that of a gas powered push mower. If it isn’t it’s not much different.

Our recent washer and dryer purchase is also another example of my household trying to make eco-friendly purchases. The Fisher Paykel washer and dryer we purchased both do the job of doing laundry more efficiently. Fisher Paykel washers use less water as long as you leave the auto water level setting enabled. How the washer spins the clothes also helps to rid the clothes of excess water. This helps to lower drying times in the dryer. The Fisher Paykel top load dryer is designed to help your clothes dry faster. In my opinion the real world results support that. So not only did we make our purchase based upon the fact that the product was innovative. We made this purchase with the thought that these units would lower our energy usage and cost.

I’m fully aware that our purchases won’t change the world. But if everyone would do just a few little things like this. Then maybe we would all see a change for the better. In terms of over all health of the people around us. And in the general shape of the environment.  If your unwilling to consider doing things a bit differently. Then a positive change will be hard to come by. I fully understand that eco-friendly has to be designed so that a compromise doesn’t have to be made. Consumers will be unwilling to make purchases that change their way of life to drastically. We have seen this time and time again with the people who should lead by example. These people aren’t making eco-friendly purchases. Many of them could care less and don’t feel they are contributing to any type of environment downfall.

Changing the mindset of the majority is a tough road to travel. I don’t think many people in my country feel there is a problem. Yet they sure feel there is a problem at the gas pump when the price isn’t to their liking. Some of these people have the ability to make lifestyle changes. They have the money to purchase the non gas guzzling car. Yet they choose not to. These people also have the funds to make home improvements to lower their energy footprint. Do they do this? Of course most of them don’t. But these will be the people driving the cars that guzzle the most gas. These are also the same people you will hear complaining about the price of gasoline the loudest in many cases. I think if they are unwilling to lead by example then they shouldn’t be complaining.

This is not the original version of this article. Blogware and my keyboard blunder helped kill that version. As long winded as it may seem. I think that was needed to say what was on my mind.

I know many local online writers have written related articles. I thought I had some or all of those bookmarked. But I can’t find them at this time. I’d like to link those articles here if possible.

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