Those that can afford to lead by example don’t

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Segway Inventor Turns To Environment Slashdot

The Segway creator’s next entrepreneurial spin CNN Money – Feb. 16, 2006

Al Gore’s electricity bill heats up blogosphere CNET News

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Gas Prices vs. Summer Vacation ~ Chris Pirillo

Volkswagen Folks ~ Chris Pirillo

Volkswagen TDIs ~ Windows Fanatics

Hybrid taxis hit streets of N.Y.  CNET News

Tesla Motors Burn Rubber NOT Gasoline!!

Hydrogen Cars Inch Forward EnergyBiz Magazine Online

Wall Street goes green with energy-saving initiatives CNN Money – Oct. 25, 2006

Electric car hits 130 mph CNET News

Fuel Economy Information for Flexible Fueled Vehicles  Search for Cars that don’t need gas – Biodiesel 101

National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition

$3 Gasoline driving more people to seek out E85 pumps – AutoblogGreen

Howstuffworks E85 Ethanol Flex Fuel Overview

What is Ethanol American Coalition for Ethanol

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E85 – Wikipedia

Biodiesel – Wikipedia

jeromeprophet A Hydrogen Based Economy Is Inevitable

jeromeprophet Silicon Valley’s Tesla Roadster Puts Detroit To Shame!

jeromeprophet Solar Alternative To War

OMIGOD – I’m ThirtyWHAT We’ve Checked Around There Really Aren’t

The Eleventh Hour Enjoy It While You Can

The Eleventh Hour Free Gas!

The Eleventh Hour Widespread Price Panic

The Eleventh Hour The American Way of Life

The Eleventh Hour Gas Welfare

Blevins Blog » Archive » Global Warming My Backside

Illinois Gas Prices – Find Cheap Gas Prices in Illinois

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Disarranging Mine Oil v ethanol debate this week

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The Eleventh Hour Fuel For Thought

ConsumerReports – Ethanol 10-06 E85, alternative fuels, flexible-fuel vehicles

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Disarranging Mine Running on empty

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way Revenuers

State makes big fuss over local couple’s vegetable oil car fuel Herald & Review Newspaper

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way Cover of the Illinois Times

The new environmentalists Illinois Times

Global Warming – Sloop

Global Warming = Weaker Hurricanes – Sloop

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