Hemple Soaps Old State Capitol Farmers Market

Cheryl had forgotten that we purchased some hemp soap previously from Hemple Soaps. I’m not sure if it was last year at the Old State Capitol Farmers Market or the year before. I think at that time we were still ordering almost all our soap from Treasures from the Heartland in Iowa. Since late 2010 we have been purchasing our soaps from Green Thoughts Garden – which is another vendor at the farmers market.

The Hemple Soaps purchase was just to have some variety in our soap options. I don’t recall any issues with hemp soap in the past. We’ve used one other brand purchased at a local store. The past few times we visited the farmers market – Hemple didn’t have a stand there. July 2nd was the first time we had seen them this year.

Next time they are at the market or maybe I’ll just purchase some online. I’d like to give their laundry powder a try. Both times we’ve purchased products from Hemple Cheryl has made a comment about the laundry soap.

I’m not going to get into the whole legalize marijuana debate. What I will say is it’s absolutely appalling that hemp production is illegal in the United States of America. Many of our environmental problems could be reduced by producing and using hemp products. Hemp is very versatile in what can be built from it. Clean burning fuel can be produced from hemp.

For decades hemp production has been banned in the USA. We import all of our hemp from other countries. The concern that drug lords would grow marijuana plants within legitimate hemp crops is the common reason given for the ban. I’m sure many other industries feel threatened if the ban were to be lifted.

While many American family farms have shut down or continued to struggle we deny them the opportunity to produce a new cash crop. A crop that doesn’t require poisonous herbicides. This in theory could reduce the cost to the farmer maximizing profit margins. You are also helping farmers to contribute less to the pollution problem. Hempoline will run in diesel powered trucks and combines. This like 100% biodiesel helps the farmer to be even more self sufficient. Which could also help to reduce production cost and improve profit margins.

I’d venture a guess that the table cover pictured above just like our shower curtain is made from hemp. My sneakers are partially made from hemp.

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Update 7/9/2011

This morning at the Old State Capitol Farmers Market Cheryl purchased some Hemp Laundry Soap from Hemple Soaps. I’m doing a load of laundry with the product for the first time right now.

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