Can your mobile phone be used as a webcam

It seems that only certain model cellphones can be used as a webcam. Right now I would really like to put my Motorola Hollywood E816 to use with Ustream. There are only a few pieces of software that can currently make your cell phone a webcam. One of them that I’m aware of is still in alpha testing. The problem is that most of this software will only work on a very limited amount of phones. It seems to be limited to mostly Nokia phones. Amp’d Mobile the company that hypes broadband connectivity and having access to audio and video doesn’t provide webcam functionality with it’s phones. The Q model they sell supposedly does include this. Once again I’m wanting to do something but can’t do to technical restrictions. And no one of course can be bothered to point to helpful solutions. Or take the time to help me get things resolved. It’s funny how everyone talks about how the internet should be a community. Yet everyone prefers to keep things in the same old cliques.

As usual everyone talks about community and how everyone should work together. Yet the only people we see ever working together and sharing ideas are the people who have been successful for years now. Someone asked today in a chat forum how those that aren’t as well known can become known to the masses. No one bothered to answer that question. Many of the people who are doing well act as if no one ever gave them a break or a leg up. They act is if they were just born out of the womb with talent and never had anyone teach them anything. Community? Plenty of it as long as your already well known or have the money to pay for what you want. If your the little person wanting a slice of the pie. It really is unlikely anyone will give you the time of day. I’ve seen it time and time again. This is a major reason I’ve avoided online forums for the most part. No one is actually bothering to help anyone.  

I’m not saying I would do any original content that would change the world. Although I have a feeling I might be able to produce a gem now and then. What I am saying is if this is all about community and social action. Shouldn’t all the people be able to do this freely and easily? Why should I have to be chained to a laptop with an EVDO card to do this? Especially when I have a cellphone with a camera and an EVDO connection.

For many of you who feel all I do is complain. Let me set the record straight right now. I spend a ton of time looking for solutions to my problems. What I’ve seen on a daily basis for years. Is those that state they are willing to help people resolve their problems do nothing to actually help. In fact many times all they do is make fun of the person who is seeking help. Or they get told to go look for a solution using Google. It is this exact attitude that turns people off to technology. Another thing I’ve seen is that for all the WEB 2.0 hype. No one or I should say very few are actually solving problems or making doing something easier. They will rant and rave that this is what they are in fact doing. All the proper hip buzzwords will get used. Yet when real users end up getting a hold of their product. The end user experience has no ease of use and functionality. In a word the user experience continues to suck!! It’s just that simple!!

Keep in mind that yes using your mobile phone to do a live stream is most likely against your cellphone providers TOS ( terms of service ). But it would seem obvious to me that they could team up with someone like Ustream and create a new revenue stream. Guess the providers are just to stupid to be that innovative. Also keep in mind that the way Chris Pirillo and Robert Scoble are doing things is most likely against their service providers TOS. The providers again are to stupid to realize that this is a great advertisement in regards to the reliability of their network. Or maybe they are afraid because it shows the limitations of their network.

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