Sheryl Crow says wipe with less

I’m not really sure how this will help with global warming. I could see where it might help with the environment a bit. However shouldn’t we be more focused on actually making toilet paper from renewable sources such as hemp and other natural fibers? Shouldn’t the focus be on using less chemicals in the process of making toilet paper? You would think the environmental gain would be had by doing these things. More than by just using less toilet paper all together.

“Now, I don’t want to rob any law-abiding American of his or her God-given rights, but I think we are an industrious enough people that we can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where 2 to 3 could be required,” she wrote.

Hemp won’t get you high. But I think Sheryl may have been smoking something that does make you high. One square per visit? Speaking from the male point of view I can’t honestly think of to many bathroom visits were one square is going to get the job done. I’m all for helping the environment if I can. But not at the cost of not being able to properly wipe my backside. Could this be why Lance Armstrong decided maybe marrying Sheryl wasn’t for him? Kind of foul how he left her after she announced she had cancer. You would think he might have stuck around during her battle. Either way maybe if she is a one square type of girl he just couldn’t handle that. Then again maybe since she has a little bit of money she is used to using a bidet. This could mean that she is unaware that the average household doesn’t have this type of toilet technology installed.

Whatever the case may be. No one is going to put into use a process or product that doesn’t offer convenience. Most people aren’t going to start using just one square. Just as most people won’t use a toilet that doesn’t flush all the waste down in one attempt. Your average person doesn’t see the fun or benefit in composting their own bodily waste. As with any product. You have to make an environmentally friendly product or process consumer friendly. If the consumer is hassled in any way shape or form. Or they have to deviate extremely from their daily routine. They won’t use the product or change their habits. I think most people will say they want to be hygienic. Although I’ve seen some people over the years who could care less. I’m thinking for a good majority of people around the world one square just isn’t going to get the job done in regards to hygiene.

Wow I’m kind of proud of myself. I actually covered that without going uncensored. Although the uncensored version may have been more fun. To bad there isn’t a poll option with this editor. I’d sure like to know how many people would claim they could get by on one square. Although in the past I have had this conversation with someone. Granted they were right that a household of one most days shouldn’t be going through more than one roll of toilet paper. In most cases that should last a household of one longer than that. But I do think everyone’s usage of this product varies.

Sheryl Crow on her website is saying it was all a joke. Ok so now we make jokes when on a tour about being environmentally conscience? I think maybe she really does use one square or she is spoiled with a bidet and a towel.

Now there are some people that are putting fecal waste to good use. We have seen power production facilities start to do things the way of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Using methane from manure as an energy source. There is even one company that is making flower pots out of manure.

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