Mighty Leaf Pear Caramel Loose Tea

Mighty Leaf Pear Caramel Loose Tea

Mighty Leaf Pear Caramel Loose Tea

My girlfriend swears she suggested purchasing Mighty Leaf Pear Caramel tea in the past and that I turned my nose up at the suggestion. The other day when I was making our tea purchase I was looking for new flavors. I guess I must have decided to be adventurous and give pear caramel a try. I’ve not brewed this blend yet. I’ll probably brew a gallon in the next few days and report back on if I’m happy with the taste.

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Update 7/29/2011

Made a gallon of the Pear Caramel and I like the taste. I think I brewed the tea a little to long – so the flavor profile wasn’t as smooth as what it should have been. The tea is slightly sticky – I’d assume do to the caramel. So it’s a bit more work to get the tea into a bag for brewing. I’d order this blend again. I prefer it over the Mighty Leaf Pomegranate Berry Iced Tea that I purchased with this same order.

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