Computerbanc 5th Annual Computer Collection Day

Every time the county, city or someone else has these collection days I seem to miss them or have something already planned. Unfortunately Computerbanc has planned their 5th Annual Computer Collection Day on the same day as the University of Illinois at Springfield’s graduation ceremonies. So I’m going to be completely busy attending that event. I have two working computer monitors, several unused computer cases and various computer components that I think Computerbanc could put to use. Yes it would nice if I actually made money and could buy some new energy efficient flat screens for the cause. But that doesn’t look to be in the future any time soon. However I do think this worthwhile charity could use some of the parts I have lying around the house. I would prefer they be put to use rather than collecting dust. If you have computer parts, old personal computers, monitors or software that meets the contribution guidelines. Please consider making a trip to downtown Springfield, IL on May 12, 2007. It is for a good cause. There are many people who would love to own a computer and put it to use. To many people that can afford to purchase a machine take it for granted. Many others don’t have that luxury.

Are you wanting to buy a new computer or parts

Are you looking for cable television satellite or a broadband provider 

Give the gift of computing

Computerbanc’s new website is located here

Computerbanc’s old website is still in operation. Not sure why they don’t have things setup to just forward to the new domain URL. Find it here.


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