Sean Casey being interviewed St Louis Science Center

Sean Casey being interviewed St Louis Science Center

These photos show Sean Casey of Storm Chasers and Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV) fame being interviewed at the St Louis Science Center on Sunday August 7, 2011. I’d assume this must be a question and answer session for a podcast. Since no video equipment is taping and a laptop can be seen in the picture.

I’ve been in the same room with the two people who are credited most often with developing podcasting Adam Curry and Dave Winer. Adam Curry was the keynote speaker for Gnomedex 5.0 ( 2005 ) in Seattle.

Later in the day the young lady in the skirt would have a conversation with my girlfriend. She was present at the folding table inside the main entrance with Sean Casey for the whole event. This is who asked how we had heard about the promotional gathering. Not sure if she is a marketing person, handler or assistant. Both her and Sean interacted with fans throughout the day.

I view meet and greets as marketing more than a true getting to know the fans. I think most well known celebrities feel this is just part of the job and motions they have to go through to promote whatever they are trying to sell. In the past I’ve come across very few that give off that genuine feel. So I tend to avoid the whole song and dance.

Long time readers are aware I prefer the more real pictures versus posed fan photos. This is one reason I hang back and try to capture actual real moments in an event. Lack of a decent camera always seems to get in the way of that mission. Only a few of my “real” photos turned out.

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