Iggy has a quick chat with Mike Arrington at Gnomedex 6.0

It might be far from my finest moment. I’m definitely there in all my bloated glory. If this video doesn’t make me want to hit the gym then most likely nothing will. With that out of the way. I can now offer up video proof that I did in fact find my voice at Gnomedex finally ( took me 4 years ). Yes I know it’s hard to believe that I actually do shut up and know how to be somewhat quiet. I’m still upset with myself for not engaging Blake Ross the co-founder of Firefox in a debate. I chickened out and didn’t speak my mind. Granted I was in a room of Firefox supporters who would have probably thrown me out on my head. But we will never know. All I do know is that if you follow the link and download the video. Towards the end you will see a guy in a yellow Ralph Lauren Polo shirt wearing a Zone Labs Team Z hat. That of course would be me. It seems as if I’m in extreme closeup. I’d say the camera is what added all the pounds. Anyone who knows me though would know that I was lying if I said that. Did I make a fool of myself more so than usual? Or did I maybe hold my own? I’d rather not know. The video is there now – I stand by my opinion. So for the few of you who thought I was blowing smoke you can now see for yourself.

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Gnomedex 6.0 Mike Arrington on Web 2.0 ~ The Chris Pirillo Show

At about the 21:22 mark you should see me come into the picture and start asking my question in a very uncomfortable way. For those who might not know who Mike Arrington is. The basic answer would be one of the better known personalities on the internet. Widely listened to by many. Also someone you might read about or see on CNN and The Wall Street Journal.

Want to see more of what Gnomedex has to offer? You can watch all of the different sessions. All you have to do is download the video. Some of the biggest and most well known names online and offline attend this event.

Gnomedex 6.0 The Chris Pirillo Show

Update 1/29/09

The link to the video above is no longer live. I can’t find it archived anywhere at the moment. When things like that happen it aggravates me. I may have a copy on DVD backed up somewhere. The audio link below is some related content.

Tara Hunt, Kris Krug and Mike Arrington at Gnomedex 6 Chris Pirillo

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