In memory of Barbara Pitts

This bench is located in the parking area for the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden prairie area. You could sit here and watch the Canadian Geese that call the prairie pond home. Then again many of these benches aren’t located in the best place for cover from the sun. Why do all parks and recreation areas seem to do this? Granted Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden is better about this than most. But at least one popular bike trail in our area has some of the worst bench placement. Not to mention no bathroom facilities located anywhere on the trail. Guess this won’t matter anymore. Considering the city and state spent all the money to build it. Yet for some reason didn’t take future development into account. Even though they were fully aware that at a later date the trail would be in the way of road development. So the trail will now get torn up and won’t properly connect at times. Until after the road construction is finished. Which will be several years from now at best.

The original point being that people who are hot and wanting to rest. Would normally like to do so under some shade. Yes some people like to hang out and catch some rays. But most people would like a bench to be located somewhere that you can catch a little break from the sun.

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In memory of Tillie Meyerstein 2006 – Iggy Uncensored

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