Iggy on a hill in Irwin’s Park

Iggy on a hill in Irwin's Park

The map at the beginning of Irwin’s Park is a little confusing. To both me and Cheryl the map doesn’t seem to properly represent the area it is trying to portray. So I’m not exactly sure where to tell you this hill is located. I can tell you it will need a set of stairs if it is actually a part of the park trail. At first I thought this was going to lead to the railroad lines that are right next to Irwin’s Park. With the steep grade this looked like a railroad setup. That isn’t the case with this hill. The trail continues to the left until you get to a bridge that crosses what I think is Panther Creek. No not the upscale Springfield, IL subdivision ( known to one person as alligator creek ). You can continue under the bridge. I couldn’t do this today since the area was extremely mud soaked. If I had tried to venture any further I would have easily slipped and maybe ended up in the water. So how do you find this location? Go past the location for the Pony Truss Bridge. You will easily see the sign with the arrow for this on the Irwin’s Park trail. However if you’re not paying attention you might miss the bridge. It isn’t a working bridge. Hopefully someone will restore it at a later date and add more walking area to the trail. Sometime after the Pony Truss Bridge you will come across this hill. With a quick grab of the small tree on the righthand side. You should be able to make it up the steep incline.

Irwin’s Park has to be bug central right now. It is worse than the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden area right now. Be prepared in some way to deal with all the intrusions. I’m sure being located close to a body of water doesn’t help things. Just a warning that this area is only slightly human friendly. The one positive thing compared to the Interurban and Wabash Bike Trails is that Irwin’s Park does have one port a potty. Not sure if it is clean. It’s just nice to see at least some facilities are present. Hopefully this will stay in place.

I didn’t see any wildlife in Irwin’s Park today. Maybe all the creatures except for the bugs were hiding extremely well. I’m sure there is an abundance of wildlife to be seen in the park at times.

This even more proof that some geeks do leave their home and computer from time to time.

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Irwin’s Park in-between Auburn and Chatham Illinois on Route 4

The Rock House Irwin’s Park near Illinois Route 4

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