A turtle on train tracks

A turtle on train tracks

A turtle on train tracks. I’m sure this happens every day in many places. I’d venture to say this turtle has no clue the amount of pain it would suffer if a train was to come down this set of railroad tracks. This is a high speed crossing with no gates. Unfortunately the crossing most likely won’t be upgraded do to having a park close by it now. There are two sets of tracks here. A train was stopped to the left of this photograph on the other set of tracks. That train had been stopped every since we had gotten to Irwin’s Park. It had a red light when we got there. And another train maybe an Amtrak had passed a little bit after we had started down the trail. Later when we got back to the parking lot the original train had a green light but hadn’t moved. Not sure what was going on. Just know that we had seen a man get out of van earlier that looked like it might be a railroad vehicle.

Either way when we headed over these tracks to go the other direction neither of us remember seeing the turtle. This road leads to the new Irwin’s Park pavilion under construction. There are also two residences located at the end as well. After only a few minutes we turned around and heading back towards the railroad tracks. Cheryl when stopped to check for train traffic noticed the turtle. I’ve of course got out and started taking pictures. I’m sure the locomotive engineer must have thought I was beyond nuts. They probably weren’t even sure what I was taking pictures of. In this day and age I’m probably lucky he wasn’t telling his dispatch to call the police.

Couldn’t tell you if this turtle was lost or just hangs out here often. It needs to learn that railroad crossings aren’t very animal or people friendly. This is a very good way for a turtle to become natural turtle soup.

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