Dippin Dots vending machine St Louis Science Center

Dippin Dots vending machine St Louis Science Center

I don’t recall ever seeing a Dippin Dots vending machine. I’ve seen many Dippin Dots stands over the years. Every year there are several Dippin Dots vendor stands at the Illinois State Fair. There used to be a stand in Springfield White Oaks Mall food court.

This Dippin Dots vending machine is located inside the St Louis Science Center. You’ll find it on the main floor next to Pizza Hut. As I was taking pictures of this vending machine some man looked at me like I was crazy. My girlfriend made some comment about we really like Dippin Dots or something to that effect. I guess the man didn’t realize the science behind this cold treat.

Melts just as fast as normal ice cream when you are outside in the heat or don’t eat it quick enough. Always a task at the Illinois State Fair between brain freeze and not drinking liquid Dippin Dots. You’d figure Ice Cream of the Future would have special powers against heat.

I’ve found Dippin Dots pouches aggravating to use. They never seem to open easily and you never get all the contents out of them. I prefer to get Dippin Dots from a stand that serves them in a cup. Some vendors have started serving the packages for certain flavors.

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