Bud’s Homemade Rootbeer Conservation World Illinois State Fair

Honestly I can’t remember how many years we have been purchasing root beer from Bud’s Homemade. For years Bud’s Homemade Rootbeer has been located inside Conservation World at the Illinois State Fair. Bud’s supports recycling ( sort of ) if you come back each year with your purchased glass jug you receive a discount on the refill.

The exact location inside Conservation World is across from the log cabin that acts as a cooling station. That cabin is right next to Pioneer Karmel Korn near the middle of Conservation World.

The larger glass rootbeer jugs are heavy – even heavier once you refill them. You should definitely plan ahead for this. We try to either take the jugs directly back to our car or have a bag with wheels to haul the jugs with us.

I just finished a large glass of Bud’s Rootbeer over ice. At least one root beer maker Virgil’s Root Beer considers it a sin to drink their brew over ice. Normally I drink root beer cold with no ice. The Bud’s was still warm and I wanted to drink some tonight.

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