Looking for an alternative fuel vehicle manufacturer to sponsor Seattle trip

This is a crazy long shot. I tried something like this previously with no luck at all. But I figure one of these days someone is going to have to take me up on one of my outrageous ideas. So let me give you an idea of what I’m looking for and why. The basic explanation is – I’m looking for an alternative fuel vehicle manufacturer to sponsor a trip to Seattle. This sounds simple enough but I doubt I’ll find anyone who will go for the idea. Every year Cheryl and I drive out to Seattle to attend Gnomedex. Along the way we stop at some of the more well known landmarks. A company that is producing an alternative fuel vehicle would have several marketing opportunities here. The first being that you would have me writing about our experiences with your vehicle. With a long distance cross country drive back and forth. This offers a way to prove the durability and functionality of your product. During this journey your vehicle will be at places like Falls Park Sioux Falls, SD, Mount Rushmore and Devil’s Tower with many other stops along the way. At these locations your marketing team could promote the vehicle and educate the general public on alternative vehicles and why your product is the best choice. If your still not interested. How about this? At the end of the first part of the journey. Your vehicle will be in Seattle, Washington where it could be featured in front of some of the best minds in the field of technology. Gnomedex is a conference that is attended by some of the greatest minds in many different fields. Presidential Candidate John Edwards was the keynote speaker last year.

The idea may have been done before. There have been large gatherings of alternative fuel supporters who have done cross country treks. But I’ve yet to hear of any alternative vehicle producer that has been willing to let an average every day couple take and test their product on the open road. This is my challenge. Of course this in the end should save my household a ton of gas money. Which of course is a good thing. However I’m truly wanting to put the product to the test. You aren’t going to get people to accept the idea of an alternative fuel vehicle if they have to make compromises. These same people won’t buy your product without real world proof that they won’t have to make sacrifices. Whether it be in performance or convenience. I’m offering someone with guts and faith in their product a chance to prove their idea is in fact worthwhile. The more the public gets used to seeing these newer vehicles in use. It will be more likely that they will consider making the switch if the vehicle is available to them.

So who out there is willing to lend me a vehicle for this cross country trip? It needs to have good cargo space. Be able to travel long distances each day. I’d ask that we be allowed to follow our own schedule. Just as we normally would on the trip. In return honest feedback would be given in regards to our experiences with the vehicle. I’ll state now that I wouldn’t pull any punches. The good, the bad and the ugly would get written. Again there would be plenty of opportunities to promote the product during the course of the trip. In Seattle not only would you have me providing details about your product. But many well known online and offline writers would be covering your vehicle as well.

I’ve made the sales pitch. As I mentioned above I’m not holding my breathe that someone will take me up on this. Personally I think this idea is for a company that thinks outside of the box. You would think that would fit in with vehicle manufacturers that are producing a product that may or may not be mainstream at this time.

Yes if I had the money to purchase such a vehicle or modify our current vehicle with a workable solution I would. I don’t have that luxury at this time.

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