Who else from Illinois is going to Gnomedex

I figured there had to be a few people from Chicago still going to Gnomedex. Not that I've met up with any from Illinois in Seattle the past few years. Although I do remember a few people from Chicago being at Gnomedex the first time I attended when it was still in Des Moines, IA. I should probably keep better track of these things. But I don't go out of my way to track people down at this conference. If our paths cross that is cool. Unless I know you from past years I'm most likely not going to be keeping an eye out for you. What started all this? Just saw that one Gnomedex attendee is from Naperville, IL. I would bet that once you get past Chicago you would have to head to St. Louis to maybe find a few more attendees. I'd be amazed if anyone else from Central Illinois attended.

Gnomedex 7.0 Registration is now live – Iggy Uncensored

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