Marcus Gutierrez TIV 2 driver wearing Maker t-shirt

Marcus Gutierrez TIV-2 driver wearing Maker t-shirt

As we sat inside the St. Louis Science Center finishing up a Pizza Hut snack – a well known figure starts walking towards the Kaldi’s Cafe right in front of us. Since we had been eating I didn’t have my camera out – so I missed some really good pictures. Marcus didn’t realize the coffee shop had closed for the day when he stepped up to it or maybe he did and was just bored – so he read the menu. Either way I couldn’t get the camera out without looking even more like a crazed fan than I already did. So all the photos I got were of him walking away from the food court. But I got the Maker logo on the t-shirt.

The Illuminati Motor Works crew know I’m a bit odd when it comes to Make Faire and Make Magazine. Honestly they just didn’t get it when I pulled out issue number 6 at their headquarters in 2009. Years ago Senior Editor of MAKE Magazine Phillip Torrone did presentations at the Gnomedex Conference in Seattle. Make Magazine’s sixth issue was swag one year at the conference. I’ve just thought it was cool being present a bit before and after the magazine got it’s start. Personally I also think it’s cool having been in the same room with one of the magazines more well known geeks.

Either way Make Faire is now all the rage. You even see CNN and others cover the various events now. My opinion is the first couple of years Make Faire was more of an underground event only known to tinkers and geeks. Then again my thought process on that could be wrong.

Tornado Intercept Vehicle 2 and crew made an appearance at Make Faire Detroit 2011 in July. My guess would be that is where Marcus picked up the t-shirt.

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