Do you really want into Coyote Ugly Memphis

Before you can see all the beautiful women that Coyote Ugly Memphis, Tennessee has to offer. You will have to get past this big bad boy of a bouncer. This security guard actually seemed nice enough. But I have a feeling upsetting him isn’t a good thing. Only two other couples were in the bar when we entered it. This was a late Sunday afternoon. Only two bartenders were on duty. Before we left another one was dancing on the bar to the song that was playing. I got a few pictures of her doing what the Coyote Ugly is known for. Actually the entertainment that day was tame compared to how I’m sure things get late at night. Not sure if this was just an ego pose or if he knew I’d try to make him internet famous. Maybe he is already famous in his own right. I don’t watch the Coyote Ugly talent search reality series. To be honest I’m not even sure which city it takes place in. I forgot to ask this person his name. If anyone happens to know – feel free to clue me in. If you happen to see this man striking a pose at the Coyote Ugly. Let him know that you saw him here.

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