Make Love Not Spam Anti-spam effort knocking spammers out

Lycos takes anti spam site down  I thought the company stated this wasn't supposed to knock sites offline? Well it looks like their little bit of revenge upon spammers has gone a little different than they planned. Or maybe this was the plan all along. “A plan to bump up the bandwidth bills of spammers seems to be getting out of control.  Earlier this week Lycos Europe released a screensaver that bombards spam websites with data to try to increase the cost of running such sites. But analysis shows that, in some cases, spam websites are being completely overwhelmed by the traffic being directed their way. The Lycos plan has also come under fire for encouraging vigilantism.”  Anti-spam plan overwhelms sites  Lycos UK 'Whoops, DDoS!' – Anti-spam effort knocking spammers out  Lycos Anti-Spam Screensaver Brings Down Spam Sites  Spam Sites Crippled by Lycos Screensaver DDoS  Previous related articles  Lycos Anti-Spam Adventure – Anti-spam site not hacked, yet is offline  Is Make Love Not Spam a DOS attack  I think we can now safely say the answer to that last one is YES!! Some would say well who cares. This is just spammers websites. Keep in mind some of these targets may in fact be home users taken over to be spam bots. Also keep in mind that DOS attack traffic effects the internet as a whole. It can in fact cause internet service to degrade.

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