Segways St Louis Science Center

The Segways at St Louis Science Center are one of the things that annoyed me during our visit. For years I’ve wanted to ride one of these vehicles. Every time I have an opportunity something gets in the way. Add to that – the fact that my camera kept jumping out of focus on the first shot all day long and you have massive aggravation. Every time I tried to get photos of the St Louis Science Center Segways my camera just wouldn’t cooperate.

Of course the young man driving them around all day who just ignored us didn’t help matters. This employee had to realize I was interested in the vehicles. Everyone else seemed like they could care less. Which I find interesting – you are in a science center yet ignore a key piece of technology based on science.

Now imagine how much more aggravated I became when we came across the sign pictured above. Here I see this employee parking the Segways up front like they are going to be used – only to find out rides aren’t available that day. Or were they? Later on in another part of the building I see a bunch of older ladies riding Segways. None of these people looked like employees. It seemed like they were being given a guided tour. You can see all those Segways parked and charging in a few photos below.

Even later we walked backed to the area where Segway rides take place. It looked as if the young man might be opening the carpeted course. He said nothing to us and acted like he was totally disinterested in engaging us in conversation. So we left without finding out if he was in fact opening for customers.

The security guard who I wasn’t to fond of do to how closing was handled – seemed very skilled at riding the Segway. You could tell this was part of his daily routine. Probably doesn’t appreciate this mode of transportation as much as he should.

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